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Obama Cabinet Members Ben Bernake And Timothy Geithner Encourage Congress To Address Fiscal Cliff

November 21. 2012

Even that turkey knows the economy has become a turkey due to unruly government spending

Federal Reserve Chief, Ben Bernake and Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner have been encouraging the U.S. Congress to address the "fiscal cliff" issue facing the nation. Democrats (President Obama included) and Republicans are arguing over the problem, with neither side making any real concessions.

President Obama's behavior when meeting Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatrav was described as flirtatious. It would be funny if Mrs. Obama beat both of them down. Go on home and get that butt whooping, Obama.

Both sides state they are willing to compromise, but neither  party seems to want to make any concessions. The national debt and job market in America are grim, taking unfavorable turns on a regular basis, while politics takes precedence over restoring the economy.


Democrats And Republicans Argue Over 'Fiscal Cliff" While Majority Of Americans Express No Confidence In The Government's Ability To Address The Problem

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