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Obama Referred To Newly Bankrupt Solyndra As "A Good Bet" 

This Gamble Cost The Taxpayers Over $500,000,000

October 7. 2011

Barack Obama

On July 20, 2011 the Judiciary Report published the article "When It Comes To Debt The Obama Administration Has The Mindset Of Gamblers." Almost three months later, on Thursday, October 6, 2011, President Obama stated in an interview, regarding the failed solar company Solyndra, which he personally backed and underwrote with $500,000,000 in U.S. taxpayer money, it seemed like "a good bet." Mr. Obama just proved the Judiciary Report's previously claims correct once again. 

The government has not been using sensible methods to decide which companies and organizations received stimulus funds or how to correct the economy, which is why each attempt at a real recovery keeps failing. You cannot have the mindset of a gambler in public office, especially when it comes to taxpayer money, as it will end in disaster. There's a science to it. 

Once again, proven industries, with strong track records, should have been first priority for stimulus funds, with tight restrictions on what can or cannot be done with the money (i.e. no hoarding, misappropriation, embezzlement, offshore accounts, splurging, wasteful expenditures, big bonuses, sizable raises with the money - even going so far as listing unacceptable percentage increases in pay). 

Another problem I have noticed is the Obama Administration, much like George W. Bush (Mr. "Laissez Faire" more like "Lazy Fare" when it came to Bush) before him, is too hands off with the economy and it has and continues to breed bad results. One has to get involved. You can't just dole out money, let the chips fall where they may (another gambling term) and expect it to all turn out okay. Why would the nation need a president, if the country desired lack of supervision, input or involvement from said elected leader. Think about that!

If I were a head of state, one of the first things I would have done upon taking office, especially in this economic climate, is make a list of the nation's top companies, then formally asked them how I could help them increase revenues and present my ideas on how said goal can be achieved. Strengthen what you have that works. It's not a matter of being greedy, but a country needs jobs to keep citizens working and productive, in order to feed their families. One also has to shore up manufacturing, but Obama has not done that. In a big nation like America, that was imperative. 

Personally, I don't think Obama is okay, as something's gone wrong with him. He is not listening to reason, science or even history nor is he following any national business plan that is logical. Special interests and lobbyist have gotten their hooks too deep into him and have given him false assurances about the financial measures they have asked him to take, regarding how they will pan out. 

Obama has squandered many great opportunities to turn the economy around, via not properly taking the reins on stimulus spending, doing too much of it, giving the money to certain corporations that did not deserve it and failing to raise taxes on the rich as soon as possible, after attaining office. 

Some state Obama would have fallen out of favor with the rich and influential, but so what. They aren't the majority in most nations (and their bills are paid). As head of state, I wouldn't have worried about the rich. When they are eating lobster and caviar, they wouldn't be thinking about me. But the poor, who do not have enough to eat, would be thinking about me, wondering why as head of state, I did not help them.

Mr. Obama is going the wrong way with the economy, as the Judiciary Report has warned for two and a half years. Now he only has a few months, not even a year, to change things before the next election is in full swing, which really isn't any time. 

Congress really isn't much better. It would be good to see the government change, but they are not doing it, which means the public will have to change them via their vote and hope the next set will possess more economic savvy and political prowess. 


Obama defends loan to Solyndra, calling it a 'good bet'


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