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Obama's Relationship With Google Under Fire Over  Blocking Free Speech And Free Press

May 19. 2011


Barack Obama

Watchdog groups are calling for an investigation into the relationship between President Barack Obama and the internet search engine company Google and said claims are legitimate. Email evidence was uncovered regarding the relationship. A number of websites and bloggers have publicly complained, their websites have been removed from Google search engine results, for authoring and publishing articles critical of President Obama, in spite of the fact the First Amendment of the Constitution, guarantees free speech and free press, without fear of retribution. 

The fact of the matter is, President Obama, can be quite vindictive, vengeful and petty, which is the mark of a small man. Mainstream newspaper the Boston Herald, is further proof of this fact, as they were punished and penalized by the White House,  for allowing other presidential candidates column inches and daring to seek answers from President Obama on the difficult and relevant questions concerning the country. The Boston Herald wrote of the President's inappropriate blacklisting:

"Obama swimming in shallow end of pool. Was it something I said, Barry? Or should I say, Hussein? So the Herald can’t be in the White House pool because we’re not in the White House tank? Nixon would be proud. Imagine if George Bush had tried to set up his own personal 'Enemies List.' Where’s the ACLU when one of the Beautiful People unleashes his own Plumbers on the loyal opposition?... 

All we asked was to be in the press pool. But nooooo. Because the Obama worshipers object to the front-page placement of an op-ed piece by Mitt Romney...In case you missed it, the White House yesterday banned the Herald from the 'pool' reporting list to cover the Messiah’s latest trip to Boston. Obama’s press office had to protect the Boston Globe, which once prided itself on being at odds with the Powers That Be. If the Globe’s current reporters were dogs, they would be described with one of two words. 'Spayed' or 'neutered.' And I just thought of a third word — 'lapdogs.'"

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

In another revealing incident, the White House contacted a newspaper and demanded an item critical of First Lady Michelle Obama be removed. According to the Daily Caller, "A local California paper in Pleasanton, California was contacted in April by the White House and asked to remove a passage that presented an unflattering description of the first lady. The paper complied, then tipped off The Daily Caller ." 

It is very alarming that the President and his wife are this trivial and superficial. Instead of tending to massive unemployment and the skyrocketing deficit, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, are obsessing over their unflattering press clippings, attempting to rewrite history and cherry pick what the entire press writes about them in a free country. 

Sadly, Obama has lost his way and the plot - and the public knows it. President Obama is showing himself to be a fraud, not upholding the Constitution or U.S. Code, which bars administrations from interfering in the press. To unlawfully impede the publishing of articles, is to erode and potentially destroy the income of writers.  

Who are you to be leaning on and harassing people for lawfully speaking their minds and voicing their opinions in print. You're supposed to be creating jobs as President, not trying to destroy them and people's livelihoods in the process. No wonder unemployment is so high - Obama simply does not care and is preoccupied with other egotistical things.

I for one can attest, there is an un-kosher relationship between Obama and Google, as I received an email from said company this week, regarding my articles in Google News (which were removed - yes, they are still trying to destroy my income). I can attest, President Obama and co., dislike the concept of free press and they are well out of order over this conduct. 

It should be noted, seeking to remove articles from search engines is futile in suppressing free speech, as many websites receive massive traffic from referrals - regular readers forwarding article links to others, by email, IM, message boards and feedback sections. 

This is commonly known as word of mouth and there is no way for Google or any other search engine to remove that. There are bloggers and writers, who are not listed in Google News or Google Blogs, yet their websites have millions of regular readers, who log-on often to read the latest updates. 

Drudge Report and other prominent bloggers are proof of this fact. This week it was reported, Drudge refers more news traffic to other websites, than Facebook, a site of 500,000,0000 users, whose CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Obama recently schmoozed for favorable coverage. 

However, Drudge accomplished this feat without being listed in Google News or Google Blogs. Guess Obama kissed up to the wrong people. It's always funny when a politician kisses up to the wrong individuals, because at the end of the day, they should not be schmoozing anyone, as it lowers their office.  

Furthermore, such juvenile, petty, vindictive and corrupt conduct, in suppressing free speech, has no place in an administration or a free democracy. It is un-American and un-Western. When you as a head of state, pull strings in seeking to suppress the press, you lose credibility and all moral ground as a politician in the world. Politicians that engage in such conduct are labeled by the voting public, hypocrites not fit to lead.

One cannot privately punish the press for seeking and speaking the truth, then publicly stand up and condemn other world governments, such as those representing China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Libya, proclaiming they should have a free and democratic society, when you are behaving in a manner contrary to those proclamations. You must first practice what you preach, then you can lecture others on the virtues of democracy and a free society.  


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