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Pennsylvanians In The Steel Industry Are Switching From Voting Democrat To Republican Donald Trump In 2016 Presidential Election (CBS News And MSNBC)

August 9. 2016

Since 1992, Pennsylvania has voted Democrat in presidential elections. However, according to CBS News and a separate report by MSNBC, more Pennsylvanians are voting Republican this year in a switch to candidate, Donald Trump. The U.S. economy is in a bad way. National debt has reached a record high under current President Barack Obama, hitting $13 trillion dollars.  

Donald Trump

94,000,000 Americans are unemployed and have been removed from employment rolls by the Obama Administration to make the unemployment rate look better, when it is actually quite dire. A recent poll revealed Americans believe Trump would handle the economy better than rival candidate Hillary Clinton (Presidential Poll: Americans Believe Donald Trump Would Handle The Economy Better Than Hillary Clinton). This is correct. Trump would handle the U.S. economy better than Clinton.


Hillary Clinton

The Judiciary Report is of the belief, neither Clinton or Trump will fix the U.S. economy. Former President George W. Bush and incumbent Barack Obama have done an extensive, extraordinary amount of damage to the U.S. economy. It would take a financial genius to fix the damage that has been done and a person willing to stop the costly wars and government corruption.

CBS News interviews man in steel industry who stated Pennsylvanians are switching to Trump (Republican). The unemployment and poverty rates in the state have become dire and intolerable under President Obama (Democrat)

The 2016 election is a matter of choosing the candidate who will do the least amount of financial damage. As it stands, we know based on her track record Clinton would go into office and be completely corrupt. Trump, the better financial choice, is proven in the business world, but how well he will stand up to the corrupt pressures of special interests and greedy corporate entities who prey on presidents, remains to be seen. He also needs to apologize to Mexicans, Muslims, blacks and the disabled for comments he has made. Trump needs to disown the comments.


Tough times in a Pa. town attract voters to Donald Trump

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. -- When CBS News' poll asked voters who would do better on the economy, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 11 points. Last month, they were dead even. Tough times are drawing voters to Trump, as CBS News found out in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. There was a time when the city led the nation in steel production.

That industry, and its thousands of good paying jobs, have long since left. "This is a small town," said John Silk. "It used to be like a small Pittsburgh. It's just...a hard hit area." Silk is a welder, and his faith in the future has been shaken. He was a lifelong Democrat. But now, he is a Trump supporter. "You can only go forward with him," he said. "I don't think you can go backwards and you sure as heck can't stay the same."

Silk said he has lost faith in the Democratic Party. "We have way too many regulations," he said. "Donald Trump has talked about undoing them and getting them out of the way and letting our local industry do that they do best and just create jobs." But restoring Johnstown's former glory is a tough order. The average income in the town is less than half the national average. And 34 percent now live in poverty. "Our economy obviously hasn't recovered from the crisis in 2008 so we gotta start worrying about home -- we gotta take care of this place first," Ankney said. Pennsylvania has favored Democrats in every presidential election since 1992. But this year, the ghosts of long-dead industries could have their final revenge.



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