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Ray J Back Tracks Again Saying 'I Hit It First' Is About Kim Kardashian

April 14. 2013

Ray J and Kim Kardashian

Never let it be said rapper Ray J is inconsistent (sarcasm). Once again, the reality star has flip-flopped on the inspiration of his raunchy song "I Hit It First." Due to the cover of the song being a pixelated photo of his ex-girlfriend, reality star Kim Kardashian, with lyrics referencing her dating current boyfriend, Kanye West, most people assumed the song was about her and their sex tape that made her famous.

Kim Kardashian covering Ray J's single without her published consent

At first, Ray J seemed to own up to "I Hit It First" in a very ungentlemanly manner. After people slammed him over the track, he disowned all claims the song is about Kardashian. Now he is implying once again "I Hit It First" is about Kardashian and their relationship. Seriously, when was the last time he had sex with Kardashian. Let it go, already. 

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

Ray J recently stated on the All Out Show radio show, "At the end of the day Iím not denying nothing. Make it what you want to make it. Iím never gon deny nothing thatís a fact. The song is non-fiction. People that know me and know my life know what it is."

Make up your mind. Just tell the truth. You are using Kardashian for publicity in trying to sell your new song. But don't you feel bad using her in a publicity stunt to get attention. It comes across as desperate. One doesn't get the vibe you love or care about Kardashian. 

Kim Kardashian is currently pregnant with Kanye West's baby

If her reality show had flopped and few watched the sex tape, something tells me you wouldn't even give her the time of day now. But because she's still in the public eye and more famous than you, albeit with declining ratings and a significant amount of negative press, you're riding her coattails. If you had truly cared about Kardashian you wouldn't have sold the sex tape in the first place.


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