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Remember To Switch From Molina Healthcare This Enrollment Period

December 11. 2017

During the current enrollment period in America which ends December 15, 2017, remember to switch from deadly Molina Healthcare. They are putting profits ahead of patients and it has cost people their lives. Molina Healthcare is also the subject of lawsuits by hospitals all over America for not paying their bills.

Under U.S. law, there exists a general agreement with hospitals and health insurance providers to pay bills of those accepted to emergency rooms and for major medical events. However, Molina Healthcare has been criminally shortchanging hospitals all over America, owing over $100,000,000 in legitimate hospital bills they are refusing to pay. Hospitals then discharge patients early which has resulted in deaths.

Once again, remember to switch from Molina Healthcare during this enrollment period and the one coming in the new year. If you are looking to switch to a new health insurance company, I strongly recommend avoiding Molina Healthcare. Choosing Molina Healthcare can cost you your life. They are the worst healthcare company ever. For more read below in the "RELATED ARTICLES" section.


I Do Not Recommend Using Molina Healthcare Who Are Cutting Corners And Killing Patients In The Process

BOYCOTT: Molina Healthcare Stock Downgraded And CEO Sells 15,000 Stocks Cashing Out $1,000,000



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