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Rick Ross Being Threatened By Street Gang He Befriended

November 28. 2012

Rick Ross

Two days ago, the Judiciary Report published the article Be Careful Of The Company You Keep. Today, an example of it has surfaced of it regarding Miami rapper Rick Ross, as it is being reported on other websites that he is being threatened with death by the Gangster Disciples street gang.

Ross befriended and started hanging with the dangerous gang for the alleged lure of living on the edge and looking trendy, but they have now turned on him, demanding money from the rapper or they will kill him. The friendship he sought for street credibility, because he thought it would make him look cool and hard, has now become a serious liability endangering his life and career.

Ross, fearing for his life, has now reportedly employed former U.S. military seals for protection at a cost of $50,000 per week. Thatís $2,400,000, over what he thought was a friendship, but has turned out to be a game too rich for his blood - LITERALLY.

As stated on the Judiciary Report a couple years ago, one of my long time friends went to school with, knows him and lives in the same area Ross did in Miami up until a few short years ago. As I'd reported previously, she informed me that he was not the thug he is portraying in his adopted image, which isn't even his own. In fact, as stated by another blog, he was a corrections officer.

Ross is one of a group of people in the entertainment and sports industries aligning himself with dangerous people, proclaiming themselves to be the Illuminati. A famous man in his mid-twenties, who reads this website according to site stats, was one of the people I was thinking of when I authored the aforementioned article. He too has been hanging out with a dangerous set of people (not the Gangster Disciples street gang, but two people in the music industry, who live in New York and are steeped in serious financial fraud and violent, criminal behavior).

In fact, a wannabe star in the circle of friends of the famous man in his mid-twenties flared up at the article I wrote. Howís this for irony, the wannabe star, who flared up in an outburst over the article, wasnít even who I was referring to, but it is very telling that he thought it was him. That says to me the wannabe star is exploiting his famous friend and doing things he should not be.

I canít name names right now (I will in the future though) but someone I know well, who is very connected in law enforcement and political circles told me, the famous individual has become friends with dangerous criminals and is in danger of his name appearing in a very damaging criminal investigation.

However, the wannabe star in the famous personís circle of friends read the article and assumed I meant him and had the outburst. I was trying to save his friend from a.) being attacked by the set of dangerous people he is hanging out with, who are under surveillance by the government and b.) help him avoid his name landing in the criminal investigation into his dangerous friends, because once something like that goes public, careers are destroyed by association.

And in closing, unlike you, I don't want anything from your famous friend, who is picking up the tab so you can pretend you're a baller. I'm a Christian. That stuff don't mean nothing to me. Besides, growing up in the circles I did, my role models have been prime ministers and music legends you couldn't hold a candle to, so don't flatter yourself.


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