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Senator Reid Compares Health Care To Slavery

December 8. 2009

Senator Harry Reid: "What'cu talkin' bout Willis" (quote from "Different Strokes" TV show)

A leading Democratic U.S. senator, Harry Reid, has condemned the Republican Party, for their opposition to President Obama's health care bill. He compared it to slavery, for which he is being criticized online, deeming it an insult to black people. I do believe health care reform is in the best interest of America, but additional spending shall damage the economy to greater degrees, due to the ongoing recession-turned-depression.

Senator Max Baucus and President Obama

Look for cost cuts, such as medical imaging, in making the technology more affordable and ways to permanently eliminate Medicare fraud. That will be a great start. It would be great if everyone had solid health care, but the U.S. Congress should pace itself, lest it make the nation's financial condition even worse.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Speaking of slavery, it is still going on, when greedy, unconscionable Hollywood can dirtily and criminally abuse and rob a black woman of a fortune in copyrights and the crooked FBI can drag their feet to help ratchet up the stealing. It's not a good look. The FBI must think the world is stupid and doesn't realize what they and Hollywood did.

Slavery is back and uglier than ever. Millions have seen it with their own eyes and are not amused, hence the decimated sales of the perpetrators committing the crimes. It doesn't exactly compel the world to invest, witnessing such fraud and egregious misconduct. What was the sense of enacting the Civil Rights Act Of 1964, for the FBI to so viciously violate it.



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