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The Dangers Of Hollywood Cults

Hollywood Is Spreading Mental Illness

June 18. 2012


Lady Gaga is a mentally ill member of Kabbalah

Hollywood cults are dangerous lawbreaking entities that should not be allowed to engage in the illegal activities they do on a regular basis. Take for example the Kabbalah Center, all they do it sit around and commit crimes all day from their branches. It is fronted by crazy people like Madonna, Demi Moore, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga wearing meat dress

Letís take Lady Gaga for example. The example she sets for the public is appalling. What she does is not beautiful and it is not art. It is the musings of a madwoman, who is a devil worshipper, copyright thief and cocaine addict.

When you have a madwoman like Gaga wearing a dress made of meat to an awards show, appearing on stage covered in blood for attention and in a separate incident going on the balcony of her hotel and opening up her legs so photographers downstairs can snap photos of her menstruating, Hollywood has lost its mind and is a very sick place. As the phrase goes, the inmates are running the asylum.

Rihanna wearing devil horns (bottom) and flashing the "mark of the beast" finger sign, to promote her devil worshipping cult Kabbalah

Then thereís Scientology, fronted by mentally ill people like Tom Cruise, who had a massive public meltdown on morning television in America. He looked crazed and psychotic, due to the cultís brainwashing.

Fellow Scientologist Will Smith, a closeted homosexual, has raised his two kids in the cult and people constantly call them strange. His daughter Willow Smith, looks like she is in the middle of a mental breakdown. She shaved her head and began posting strange ramblings on Twitter that were a cry for help.

Tom Cruise having a mental meltdown on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" after years of psychotic Scientology brainwashing

Not to mention, Scientology is known for sexual and mentally abusing kids, as members who were kept like slaves on ships, came forward to denounce the cult and the abuses that transpired against their families.

It is very clear the devil is running loose in Hollywood and it is his official headquarters on earth, because the evil that comes out of there is astonishing. The programming has become very violent and mentally ill, disturbing many audiences. 




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