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The FBI Harassed Innocent Scientist

April 17. 2010


Dr. Steven Hatfill, who was wrongfully accused by the U.S. FBI and DOJ, of waging acts of bioterrorism using anthrax that killed and injured innocent civilians, spoke about his terrible ordeal at the hands of the nation's primary law enforcement agency.

Hatfill stated the FBI stalked him, invaded his privacy and leaked defamatory information about him, which destroyed his life. They followed his vehicle everywhere, frequently ticketed him for invented traffic offenses and sat on either side of him at restaurants, constantly and menacingly making their presence known.

The FBI also audaciously threatened Dr. Hatfill's friends, telling them they were not to have any contact with him, in conduct that can only be described as un-American, hideous, disgraceful and ugly, in attempts at isolating him into insanity and a mental breakdown.

The FBI only switched gears half way through the Anthrax case and pointed the finger at another man, Dr. Bruce Ivins, who later killed himself, cracking after being abused, threatened, harassed and hounded, as Hatfill had been by the FBI and its parent agency, the DOJ. 

In a futile attempt to justify their reckless, criminal conduct, the FBI arrogantly and insanely invented a form of science, rubbished and dismissed by REAL scientists all over the globe, as quackery and tom foolery, outside the realm of accepted scientific principles, precedents and protocols.

To this day, many scientists do not believe the FBI's case against Dr. Bruce Ivins or Dr. Hatfill, as there are so many holes in their legal theories, a completely implausible timeline and a discredited, unaccepted form of science packed with such bunk, poorly backing it, one realizes it was a desperate attempt to cover a law enforcement trial of terrible missteps and egregious errors, befitting dimwitted imbeciles.

Dr. Steven Hatfill

One has to wonder about the mental stability of those in charge of a law enforcement agency, that specializes in criminology and very poorly might I add, deciding to invent an unproven, illogical, so-called form of science, just to close out a criminal case. Somebody at the FBI has been watching too much "CSI" and not taking their meds.

All it takes is one FBI or DOJ employee to get some crazy idea in their vacant head about someone and huge sums of taxpayer dollars will be wasted investigating, disrupting and destroying the life of an innocent person. The sad fact of the matter is the FBI and DOJ, do not do due diligence and have destroyed many innocent people in the process.

The FBI destroyed Richard Jewell's life by wrongfully accusing him of the Atlanta Olympic bombing, with the stress from it all deteriorating his health, sending him to an early grace. They also destroyed the lives of four innocent men they framed for murder that ended up spending 40 years in prison, but later sued and won.

They recently had to make a $250,000 settlement using taxpayer money, for threatening, harassing and bullying, Abdallah Higazy, in an attempt at forcing a phony confession out of him. The FBI agent assaulted Higazy, threw him against a wall, placed his hand around his throat in a forceful manner and threatened to "make his family disappear" (kidnapped and killed) if he didn't confess to a crime he did not commit.

Then, when the FBI and DOJ's folly becomes so painfully evident to anyone with common sense, they are sued for destroying the lives of innocent people and have to make settlements or pay court judgments, once again, out of taxpayer money.   

Invariably, this chronic, reckless, damaging criminal misconduct against the public, constituting police brutality, ends up in court, as people's rights are violated. Taxpayer money is then spent to defend criminal conduct by the FBI.

However, the FBI sees taxpayer funds as money to burn and spend like drunkards, with too much cash on their hands, therefore they do not care if they are hit with lawsuits for egregious misconduct against the public.


FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Their expense accounts are padded, luxuries are consumed, overtime is abused and discretionary funds wasted, all underwritten by the American taxpayer - so to them it's just another dollar.

They engage in deeds so ugly and un-American against the nation's citizens and residents, they have to engage in massive cover-ups to hide the truth from the public.

It's a terrible way to run a law enforcement agency and it has needlessly made them many enemies in the nation and the world. The collateral and financial damage the FBI arrogantly racks up is enormous.

Federal employees needs to be held personally liable when they make wantonly bad, terrible judgment calls that damage the lives of innocent people. 

If more federal employees were made to realize and adhere to the principle that taxpayer money will not bail you out when you become power mad and maliciously, in investigating and harassing others, they would watch their corrupt backsides before they ventured into illegal, abusive territory against innocent citizens, some of whom have died terrible deaths at the FBI's hands.

In closing, I ask you, the readers of this website, how would you feel if the FBI targeted, threatened, spied on and harassed you and your family and friends, publicly defaming you, costing you your job and good name, destroying your life, over a crime you did not commit that they did not properly investigate, only seeking to find someone to pin it on to meet an arrest quota, to keep the taxpayer cash flowing in from Congress. Think about that and remember this, they have done it to many people and continue to do so and you could be next.

STORY SOURCE: Exonerated anthrax suspect: FBI harassed me



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