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The Positives And Perils Of Fame

December 31. 2012


Endorsements have been a financial lifeline to many celebrities, providing a source of income their chosen profession may not be able to match. People need to be careful of what they write on social networks and what they say in interviews, as it can destroy financial opportunities and cause regret later on.  

Representatives of many products and services read social networking sites and interviews when determining the celebrities they will choose to represent their brands. If they find questionable content, hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions will be lost. It is imperative to conduct one’s self as a role model at all times, as not only is it the right thing to do, it will make a difference to one’s financial future.

Singers often do not make a significant amount of money from record sales. Albums can go gold (500,000 units sold) or platinum (1,000,000 units sold) and after standard deductions (recoupment) a singer will receive a check for $50,000 to $100,000. The real money is in touring and endorsements. Athletes often face a similar dilemma, which is made worse when their income is derived from sporting events requiring extensive participation and individual performance to make money. It is not that one is being materialistic, but athletes need revenue sources to feed their families.

Good endorsements have provided well for many. However, as some have morality clauses, not only does one have to conduct one’s self in a manner befitting a role model, one must adhere to those standards after signing the endorsements. Therefore, cutting loose online and in public, engaging in wild sexual or anti-social behavior can prove financially costly. Fame is often fleeting. One has to maximize all one’s opportunities while they are present, as you never know what could happen tomorrow.

In the future, when you can’t pay your rent or mortgage, you will look back and lament the opportunities you had to financially make the most of your career, due to the rebellious whims of youth that caused endorsers and sponsors to pass you over. I do not write this to hurt or upset anyone, but as a reminder to some to be smart about fame. It will either build you up or destroy you (drugs, alcoholism, sex addiction via various people and overspending that leads to financial ruin).

Some of you also need to stop listening to some of your bad advice giving friends and those you date, encouraging you to do things that are simply questionable, dangerous, risky or goes against your nature. You may think that person understands you from agreeing with everything you say, but that’s just someone blowing smoke up your butt in trying to control and own you and your possessions.

You may not have been popular your whole life, but becoming famous doesn’t mean you should test it to its limits. That’s never a good idea. You also shouldn’t have to buy the affection of those who claim they care about you. If someone truly cares about you, they’d tell you the truth whether you like it or not. People encouraging you to sleep with everything in sight, get drunk and or high on drugs, are not looking out for your best interests. It’s a fact of life, you do certain things, especially to excess and it will burn you.

My family’s been in the entertainment industry for decades and seen many come and go. My dad has interviewed and is friends with hundreds of celebrities from the time they began their careers to its inevitable conclusion. As time goes by, people don’t reminisce about their many sexual conquests, drug or alcohol binges. They talk about the good times they had with their families, the love of their life and their kids. They reminisce about their moments of glory on the world’s stage in their chosen profession.

Keep that in perspective when you think about or are encouraged to wild out, as some toss caution aside and end up in deadly accidents, shoot outs, brutal fights, overdosing or contracting serious, life changing STDs that no one wants. The ironic thing about it is at the end of the day, many celebrities that choose the promiscuous path don’t even remember the names of their conquests.

Over the summer, my dad was speaking to me about a certain celebrity he has met and also was also an organizer of a charity event said celebrity was apart of. My dad is hoping for the best for said celebrity, stating the person has natural talent. However, my dad said to me, as gifted as the star is “he needs guidance.” It was the second time my dad had said that about said star and it turned out to be true, as the celebrity later made a risky choice that nearly cost him his life and alarmed everyone in his circle.

Fame doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Through fame you can give back to others, help the less fortunate, live your dreams, secure your financial future and support your family. Make the best of your opportunities while you can. Don’t find out the hard way that I’m telling you the truth.


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