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What Has Simon Cowell Done To His Face

Paging Madame Tussad

October 30. 2012

That's a malpractice suit if I ever saw one (Photo Credit: Planet Photo)

It appears former "American Idol" host and current "X-Factor" ahem, talent judge is taking his seriously slipping ratings seriously. It looks like his face is slipping as well, after spending to much time in the Botox chair and at his plastic surgeon. The results are not pretty. His face is uneven, lumpy, puffy and fake looking. You can tell he's had work done - bad plastic surgery (must have the same surgeon as Madonna).

That looks painful (Photo Credit: XposurePhotos)

Cowell's look is not a good endorsement for plastic surgery. When one gets work done, it should make one look better, not worse than ever. It shouldn't scare little children either. The mainstream entertainment industry lives in a bubble where they lose track of reality, as they are surrounded by yes men and women, who only care about staying on the payroll. When people in the real world get work done, they have family and friends quick to tell them how good or not so good it turned out. It's better to have wrinkles than an elastic band face.

Look at him trying to move his eyebrows...and can't...

I don't get it. Some plastic surgeons in Los Angeles do such great work. The person that did Megan Fox's original surgery, mainly her nose, did an excellent job and made her career (she's had too much other work done since that time to her nose, cheeks and lips), as did the surgeon that did work on actress Jennifer Grey and television personality Sharon Osbourne. However, some surgeons suck and leave their patients looking worse off.

This woman broke Photoshop. She made Photoshop need Photoshop the damage was so bad the software couldn't fix it. She made Photoshop need CGI.

Another scary looking one, Cowell's partner in crime Madonna, pictured above, who manages to looks worse with each surgery. Clearly Frankenstein is their plastic surgeon, because this kind of scary doesn't happen on its own.


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