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When Parents Use Slang In The Wrong Way Especially Words For Private Parts

December 1. 2012


Recently, reports surfaced that snack food maker Hostess is going out of business. Believing I didn’t know this, even though I run two news columns, my mom decided to tell me about it. However, thanks to some twit confusing her, she used the wrong word… in a room full of people.

With a straight face, my mom told me “Hostess is going out of business...they make Twinkies and dingalings.” To which I responded, “Mom! they make Ding Dongs, not dingalings. Dingaling is slang for penis.” I’m panicked looking around the room hoping no one else heard her. Now, whoever it was that taught my mother that word, I will find you…


More Proof The U.S. Economy Is In Decline As McDonalds And Walmart Hit Sales Slumps And Hostess Goes Out Of Business



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