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Why Did The FBI Let A Notorious Terrorist Go?

May 23. 2011

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Why did the FBI let Al Qaeda cleric Anwar Awlaki go in October 2002, when they had him in custody with demonstrable evidence he is a terrorist. Awlaki, the 40-year-old American born cleric that indoctrinated and instructed individuals in undertaking terrorist attacks on Fort Hood, Detroit bound airliner and Times Square, has become the most prolific criminal in the Al Qaeda outfit, since Osama Bin Laden. They even look alike.

His terror rants and writings online, became an instrumental tool in turning law abiding Muslims into terrorists. He also knows America well, as the Santa Fe, New Mexico native was raised in the States, making him more useful to Al Qaeda in attacking the nation.

Questions need to be asked as to how and why the FBI got it so wrong. It was also revealed Awlaki was invited to the White House in 2002, with the FBIs parent agency, the DOJ, praising him in writing.

Anwar Awlaki 

This is after it was discovered Awlaki knew three of the September 11th terrorist hijackers. This is also after it was discovered Awlaki has a criminal record for prostitution and loitering around a school (Pedo anyone).

Ah, the FBI is living up to its reputation again of getting it wrong. They are a very poor judge of character. Who they are supposed to lock up, they let go. Who they are supposed to commend, they harass and try to kill (see: Martin Luther King jr).

If only FBI headquarters worked for Al Qaeda. Then the terrorist group would descend into chaos, fumble terror attempts, ineptly attack each other instead of enemies, ignore all warning signs of impending trouble and waste money. America would be so much safer. Hey, maybe Al Qaeda will trade their weapons and bombs in exchange for FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller. Its not like hed be missed at the agency.


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