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Why Did The Secret Service Abandon Kennedy Moments Before He Was Shot And Killed

November 15. 2010


Eye-opening footage posted online, reveals a stunning fact about the assassination of former U.S. President, John F. Kennedy. The Secret Service, deliberately moved away from him, leaving Kennedy wide open, right before he was shot to death. A senior Secret Service agent, ordered subordinates to back away from the President, as his vehicle proceeded down a Texas street. 

The perplexed agent, who was closest to the president, kept shrugging in shock and hesitation at the bizarre order. Had he not moved, said agent would have been killed by the assassin's bullets, saving Kennedy's life. However, he followed orders and moved from in front of the president, giving the shooter a crystal clear shot. Kennedy was shot in the throat and again behind the right ear, execution style, which dislodged a portion of his brain, killing him.

John F. Kennedy

It has given rise to many rumors the CIA conspired with others in the government to have Kennedy killed, as he sought to dismantle them after the Bay Of Pigs invasion went terribly wrong. It has also been said the FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, knew of the assassination plot in advance and did nothing to stop it (much like they knew of the 9/11 plot and other terrorist attacks in advance and let them happen anyway).

There have been rumors of mafia involvement, due to Kennedy seeking to crack down on organized crime, but it would have been quite a terrible coup for them to have corrupted a senior Secret Service agent. Even Kennedy's alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, who was murdered days after the President's death, told the press, "I'm just a patsy." I don't doubt that. Something far more sinister was afoot.

Current President, Barack Obama

President Obama should be careful, as his radical agenda may cause some in the U.S. government to turn on him. As stated on the site in January of this year, the Secret Service leaves Obama open too often. They are paid to be body shields, as well as trained shooters, in defense of the President. 


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