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Beyonce's Baby Bump Suspiciously Shifts, Folds, Bends And Creases During Television Interview

Baby Got Back Bump?

October 11. 2011

Beyonce Knowles

The talk of the black blogosphere is singer Beyonce Knowles' baby bump that increases and decreases in size. The singer did an interview recently in which the baby bump shifted, folded and began displaying a massive crease on the right side. It did not look natural at all, which does not help claims by mainstream outlets that she is faking a pregnancy.


The latest interview has led many to speculate once again that she is pretending to be pregnant for publicity and will adopt a baby in February 2012, her alleged due date, passing it off as her own. It does not look good that Knowles' baby bump appears faker than her weaves and if she truly is faking her pregnancy as blogs allege, that would denote serious mental illness, as many in the industry have stated regarding her for some time.


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