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The FBI Corruptly Granted "Sovereign Immunity" In The Aisha v. FBI Case

May 20. 2011


FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

South Florida Federal Judge, Jose E. Martinez, a former Department of Justice (DOJ) employee, who maintains ties to the FBI/DOJ, has granted the FBI "sovereign immunity" in the Aisha v. FBI lawsuit, filed under the Freedom of Information Act,  dismissing the case. His presence on the case was questionable to begin with, as there is a conflict of interest present, due to his well established ties to the defendants FBI and DOJ.

This conflict of interest dictated he recuse himself, but he never did, in violation of judicial cannons. "Sovereign Immunity" is a fancy way of saying the government can commit any crime it wants to against innocent citizens and get away with it. The concept is a shameful and dishonorable criminal violation of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Code. 

The documents I properly requested under the Freedom of Information act pertain to an illegal wiretapping, hacking and criminal copyright infringement case I reported to the FBI in 2005, regarding pop singer, Madonna and her equally insane Kabbalah Center, who are now under criminal investigation by the IRS, in a separate federal probe (Report: Kabbalah Cult Under Grand Jury Investigation). 

For the record, Kabbalah is nothing but a sick, severely mentally ill, thieving cult and Madonna's had a major hand in the crimes they have been committing, greatly profiting from their lawless behavior, via ill gotten gains (Newsweek Outs Madonna As The Criminal Behind Kabbalah). Members of Kabbalah have been arrested for committing cold-blooded murder against innocent people they stalked and harassed.

Judge Jose E. Martinez (left)

The FBI interviewed me twice in November 2005, regarding my complaint, promised me they would investigate the case and turn over their findings in a customary report, assigned it case numbers and sent me a letter in the summer of 2006 stating they've discovered I am a victim of crime. The FBI also used items in the documents I gave them in 2005 and VERBATIM excerpts from this site in the criminal indictment and trial of Madonna's private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, which resulted in a conviction

However, for years they have refused to furnish me with a copy of their findings, which is a brazen violation of the Freedom of Information Act. They reneged on their promise of furnishing me a report of their investigation, as has been done in other similar cases. 

They acknowledged in writing more than once that the files exists, but stated in a letter they are unwilling to give them to me, clearly due to the incendiary contents. This left me with no choice but to file a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act, in a bid at obtaining the documents, as I have been greatly damaged by their criminal negligence and corruption. 


I also reported Madonna and co.'s criminal misconduct to the Metropolitan Police in London, England, who opened a case that later resulted in criminal convictions against Madonna's cohorts at News Group Newspapers, now known as News International, owned by Rupert Murdoch. His daughter Elizabeth Murdoch, is in the Kabbalah cult and is frequently seen at their events Madonna hosts at her home.

Last month, after nearly six years of cover-ups, Rupert Murdoch, finally publicly admitted and apologized for the illegal hacking and wiretapping crimes I filed a complaint against his company for in 2005, which led to arrests by the Metropolitan Police in 2006 and 2011. However, even in the face of the case being reopened by the Metropolitan Police this year, I know for a fact, Murdoch is still engaging in illegal, commissioned hacking and wiretapping, using a new private investigator, targeting citizens in Britain and America.   

As a matter of fact, on April 11, 2011 I alleged in this column that Murdoch's Fox News has benefited from unlawful hacking and wiretapping. A few weeks later on May 3, 2011, Media Matters confronted him on camera about Fox News engaging in illegal hacking and wiretapping and a shaken Murdoch and his wife, hastily fled from them, not denying the claim (Murdoch Ducks Questions On Phone Hacking Scandal). 

Once again, I am telling the truth about every single thing I have stated and my claims have consistently proven true after I publicly made them. However, I was denied justice by the FBI. An unimpeachable source responsible for much of my exclusives that later proved 100% true and correct, informed me that he had it on very good authority Madonna presented FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, with a $1,000,000 bribe to stonewall and impede the case, regarding her criminal conduct against me. As such, Madonna and Kabbalah brazenly continue in said misconduct to this day.



Barack Obama

In light of Madonna and Kabbalah's ongoing, commissioned criminal harassment, hacking, wiretapping and chronic copyright infringement, I decided to write to President Obama in 2009, as I read others in America had done so. He is, after all, charged  with the sworn duty of upholding the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Code. You see, I bought his nice guy act, wrote him a very polite and respectful letter, only to find out he is a complete and utter fraud. 

Members of Kabbalah have repeatedly stalked, harassed, threatened and even assaulted me, in well documented incidents, with witnesses present. However, each time, the police stands down, deferring to the FBI, allowing the criminal conduct to continue, unimpeded and unpunished. Under U.S. and international law, no one is to rob, stalk, harass, assault and invade the privacy of another person. It is thoroughly and universally illegal.

Since the time of writing to President Obama regarding the Madonna and Kabbalah's sick conduct towards me, things have gotten exponentially worse, which is a testament to the fraudulent state of his presidency. As a matter of fact, after I sent him the letter, I was almost sexually assaulted by a member of Kabbalah on a street in Downtown Miami adjacent to the court house. He was spewing all sorts of threats regarding Madonna, then tried to grope my chest. If I didn't back away from him quickly, I would have been sexually assaulted. She is sending them to stalk and harass me, as they've passed on very detail threats from her. 

Regarding Obama, I just do not understand how any decent human being, with the power to stop terrible crimes being committed against an innocent person, looks the other way, in favor of well-documented campaign donors. As such I will not be voting for Obama in 2012. To you, my millions of readers, I ask when you go to the polls, remember this story, what has been done to me and what he has allowed, when you cast your vote in the 2012 election. You should vote for someone with integrity and virtue, not someone bowing to pop stars and corporate donors engaging in ripping off everyday people.  


Items from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog, which contains 13,500 songs, 1000 movie scripts, movie treatments and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 100 photo treatments, perfume, clothing line, nano-technology, a solar cell phone and thousands of other items, it is still criminally being infringed by Madonna and her associates in Hollywood.

Both Rihanna and Beyonce (Sony), affiliated with Madonna's Kabbalah cult, as is Jay-Z, continue to criminally steal preexisting copyrights from my Copyrighted Catalog. Madonna's Material Girls fashion line, Beyonce's "Girls That Rule The World" Rihanna's "Man Down" "Willow Smith's "21st Century Girl" (Jay-Z's label Roc Nation) are a few examples of thefts from my preexisting copyrights.


Sony, who tried to make contact with me twice by email and phone prior to stealing copyrights, has been a major infringer in the case, as they share the same lawyer as Madonna at the Manatt law firm in New York. They have plundered my Copyrighted Catalog for music and films, in criminal violation of the law. 

"Salt" is among the Sony infringements - a movie they befriended me on Twitter regarding, knowing what they had done in criminally stealing it from my catalog, which I thought was pretty sick and low. There are hundreds of millions of people on Twitter and the film "Salt" was only following a few, yet managed to find my page out of all those people (sarcasm). 

Sony is also one of Obama's biggest campaign donors, who threw a bash for him last month, which he gladly attended and swilled champagne for the cameras, toasting the treacherous company, who is constantly sued by many for stealing. As such, Obama has embraced Sony, condoning their financial crimes. 


Jessica Simpson is also a member of Kabbalah and Madonna has criminally passed her a digital copy of an extensive fashion line that is apart of my Copyrighted Catalog. Simpson has brazenly stolen a number of items from it for her rip off fashion line and made herself very rich in the process. Simpson is a woman that was referred to on television by a famous actor as "dumb as rocks." Yet all of a sudden, over the past couple years, she has an extensive fashion line that is a complete rip off of one I copyrighted in Washington DC years prior. My mother is a seamstress and my grandmother was as well.


Another incriminating fact is both Madonna and Simpson signed deals with Macys for their fashion lines that criminally stole items from my preexisting copyrights as their basis. In 1998 and 1999 I worked for Federated, which is the company that owns Macys. I worked in a store Federated turned into a Macys. I have the tax returns to prove I worked there. In my preexisting copyrights, I had items that referred to Macys as the store I would seek to stock my copyrighted fashion line. Madonna and Simpson ripped off the entire thing.   

Jessica Simpson and the frequently sued thief Beyonce are both Sony singers, who the Obamas have publicly promoted in recent White House events. Championing lawbreaking criminals is not a good look on any administration. However, it does explain why so many corporate criminals continue to run free with impunity, while the U.S. economy deteriorates and innocent, hardworking people suffer as a result of being financial defrauded.


Google has also been harassing me over my articles on the Judiciary Report, read by millions, in attempts at censoring what I write. This is ironic, as it is the exact same thing they publicly accused the Chinese government of doing to them in China. Not only was Google running millions of ads on my websites, it was recently discovered I WAS NOT BEING PAID FOR THEM. Multi-billion dollar Google, has also refused to pay me for said ads, though they made tens of thousands of dollars off my sites  each year for the past 4 years, due to millions of ads they ran. 

Google have now removed the ads, because I refused to bow down to their censorship attempts. Bloggers need to be very careful of Google. When politicians and pop stars start nagging them via email to remove articles critical of them and financially punish bloggers by deactivating their ads, the company complies. 

If it were not for bloggers, there would be no sites to run their ads on, which have netted them a fortune. Obama's relationship with Google has come under fire recently, as other have complained they are being punished for writing anything critical of him (Obama's Relationship With Google Under Fire Over Blocking Free Speech And Free Press)

Needless to say, I will not be voting for Obama and I don't suggest you do either, as there is something very wrong there. 


Something very negative  and vile occurred regarding my mother's job that I do believe Kabbalah is behind, as it bears a pattern of criminal misconduct they have utilized before that was traced back to them. The person responsible even admitted she took a bribe against my mom to engage in said misconduct.


The worst thing in all of this is my viable, very promising research work, regarding AIDS and cancer, have been delayed because of the aforementioned criminal conduct in this case, as I have been and continue to be robbed of my music and film copyrights, which would have completely underwritten my forthcoming pharmaceutical drug patents. 

The White House, FBI and DOJ, among others, routinely read this website according to site statistics. They are also well aware of my research work (I mentioned it in the letter to the President). However, they would rather it be delayed, to clear the way for Hollywood stars to continue engaging in serious, egregious acts of copyright infringement, which are financial crimes, in order to  line their pockets with ill gotten gains. People are dying of AIDS and cancer everyday, but the government and Hollywood do not care.

Their actions state they do not care about the public's health, putting stars ahead of it and are extraordinarily poor at making proper, pertinent decisions, to render such a terrible choice. Nonetheless, I will peacefully and lawfully continue with my work and rely on God to bring justice regarding all the aforementioned misconduct that has been committed against me, by the most disgraceful and thieving set of individuals in existence.


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