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Beyonce Steals "Countdown" Music Video From European Artist's Work

...And Passes It Off As Her Own

October 8. 2011

Video: Beyonce Knowles Rips-Off Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker


Beyonce Knowles has stolen more copyrighted work, to add to her sub-par collection of devalued and deteriorated songs and music videos, which technically under the law, are not hers. It is the property of the original copyright holders. Beyonce's new video "Countdown" which is being slammed by people all over the internet, is a copyright infringing clip and pathetic theft, stolen from the preexisting, protected works of Belgian choreographer, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

Knowles looks absolutely ridiculous, clumsy and tacky in the video, but so desperate is she to hog the spotlight, she rushes out any foolishness, just to have her name out there every second, which resulted in the flop of her current album "4." Even her own fans are slamming the "Countdown" video.  

There's nothing funny, smart, clever or decent about Knowles' continued, disgraceful conduct, as copyright infringement is a criminal violation of domestic and international law. Anyone that supports it or artists engaging in such activities, is promoting criminal activity. For Knowles to steal other people's property and on a regular basis, is to spit on the law and ethics in every manner. Clearly she was not raised right to be behaving in this foul manner all the time and it is going to get her in serious trouble.


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