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Charlie Sheen Finally Admits: I'm Losing My Mind


March 10. 2011

In what was apparent to everyone else on planet earth, Hollywood actor, Charlie Sheen, reached the conclusion, "I'm losing my mind." Ya think! Look at what you have been doing. Don't you read the internet or watch TV. 


Charlie Sheen

You've been all over the place, issuing mentally disturbed quotes that only you understand (*bites nails in confusion* I'm still trying to figure out that "Vatican assassin" thing). You have been swigging "Tiger Blood" and wielding a machete in the air like you're on a sugar cane field and it's harvest time. Would you like me to send you a link, oh wait, that's right YOU WERE THERE!


You didn't just drink the crazy juice. You took a bath in it. Which brings me to my point. All the Hollywood Kabbalah cult gibberish and terminology you have been spewing is dangerous and a hazard. 

Once again, it is my opinion, Sheen should be admitted to a psych ward and treated for schizophrenia. Sheen is doing all the things schizophrenics do - frequently making up words, using cult terminology (from Kabbalah), threatening to kill people or inflict grievous bodily harm, waving around weapons, exhibiting signs of paranoia, displaying wild and erratic mood swings and tossing off all societal norms of what is appropriate behavior and simply not caring that he is doing so. 

He is going to hurt himself or someone else, if something is not done in the form of an intervention. Another terrible aspect of this tragic fall from grace is the FBI is aware of very serious criminal conduct by Kabbalah, endangering innocent people, but due to bribery and corruption, they've allowed the madness to continue and destroy more lives, as the world watches aghast. 

You are a disgrace! And mark my words, the day is coming when the U.S. Congress is going to viciously turn on you and pulverize you for a catastrophe that crazy cult is about to cause in the world.


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I'm losing my mind: Sheen



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