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Chris Brown Quits Social Networking Again And This Time It's Instagram

January 30. 2013

Chris Brown

This week, troubled singer Chris Brown, uploaded artwork he did featuring Jesus on the cross being crucified, with the attached message, "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!" Instantly many were offended stating he is comparing himself to Jesus. Just to let you know, Chris, Jesus didn't go around beating people down. If you want to be more like Jesus, stop hitting people.

But I digress. Brown closed his Instagram account with the following message, "I would like to thank all my wonderful fans for letting me express my talents/art for you all. But social media takes away the essence of why we are even special or icons. So with that, Iím detaching myself from that world. Elevate yourself above the negative and if it doesnít work move on! I respect myself enough as well as my fans to wanna be great."

Maybe Brown wasn't stating he is like Jesus. The message I took from Brown's ongoing self-inflicted chaos is he felt he was being crucified over the Frank Ocean fight, which occurred at Westlake Recording studio, allegedly over a parking spot (really people, only disabled people have the right to be complaining about parking spots - the rest of you can handle the extra walking without pain).

Chris, if you did throw the first punch, that was wrong. If the man didn't want to shake your hand, as was reported, he a right to refuse and you should have walked away. Respect is not forced, it is earned. And I know you read the site. It's the same message I have been reiterating regarding you since 2009 - learn to walk away from confrontation. Just as I stated years ago on the Judiciary Report regarding your fight with Rihanna, you should have walked away when she started hitting you, not beaten her to a pulp in response, as she is the weaker sex (apparently so is Frank). Again, you are in trouble because you chose to fight instead of walking away.

Chris Brown's artwork

I also know you are confrontational, as you tried to confront me twice. At the end of the day, you should not have gone up to Ocean - a man you've had conflicts with in the past. You put people on edge, due to the Rihanna fight and that's something you are not understanding. Let other people make the first move, especially those you have conflicts with, lest you get yourself into trouble your lawyer can't fix.

To be frank, pardon the pun, if this goes to court, a jury will not be inclined to believe you due to your legal history and press clippings for getting into fights with people. If they see no solid evidence Ocean is the aggressor, they will blame you for the fight and snatch your freedom.


Chris Brown's Violent Fight With Frank Ocean Has Both Artists Telling Two Different Stories But Who Is Telling The Truth



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