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FBI Agent Kills Another Teen While Drunk Driving

February 12. 2011 

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

The Judiciary Report recently took the corrupt FBI to task last month over their unlawful behavior, which involves "drunk driving" (FBI Agents Making Sex Tapes, Paying Strippers And Leaking National Secrets).

Three months prior to that, on November 22. 2010, the Judiciary Report, slammed the dangerous drinking culture at the FBI (FBI Being Nosy In College Football). In that article, the site asked how the FBI could hypocritically investigate university ball  players for taking money, when the head of the agency, Robert S. Mueller, took a $1,000,000 bribe in another matter. The college ball probe was dropped shortly after.

After all that lecturing on the ills of drinking and driving, this week, a 37-year-old FBI agent, Adrian Norbell Johnson, was arrested for drunk driving, in the death of 18-year-old Lawrence Garner Jr. FBI Agent Johnson was absolutely drunk, got behind the wheel anyway, drove the wrong way on the road and killed the African-American teen, who had just graduated school. 

Lawrence Garner Jr.

FBI Agents appear to have a thing for killing off black teens on the road. Several years ago, Miami FBI agent, David Farrall, got drunk at a sports bar, in the company of other agents, who allowed him to enter his vehicle, where he proceeded to drive the wrong way down the highway. 

Farrall ended up smashing into two teenage Jamaican boys, Maurice Williams and Craig Chambers, who were driving home from church, killing them instantly. The crooked Miami FBI, then sprang into action, lied to the local police, blaming the teens for the accident. Not only had they died, they were being defamed as well.

Next in their corrupt little plan to save a dishonorable man from the consequences of his criminal actions, the Miami FBI had Farrall admitted to the hospital under a fake name and stonewalled the Sheriff's office that came to question him about the accident. The Miami FBI placed two agents at Farrall's room door to block the Sheriff's office from entering, to question him and inspect his records.

David Farrall

If it were not for the decent men and women of Florida that witnessed a drunk barreling down the highway at an illegal speed, then called 911, the two dead teens would not have been vindicated and Farrall would have been in the clear. 911 tapes revealed, several motorists accurately describing Farrall's vehicle speeding down the highway in the wrong direction. The accident happened shortly after.

The FBI corrupted the judicial system, as they frequently do and initially had Farrall "cleared of wrongdoing" in the crash. South Floridians protested and he was retried and sentenced to 90 days in jail, which was a slap on the wrist for killing two innocent people, in a tragedy that was completely avoidable.

Now, here we go again. Another agent has killed someone via drunk driving. Many other agents have been arrested for inflicting injuries on the public as well, via drunk driving. Therefore, it's not just two agents at an organization with a drinking problem. The disgraceful FBI has an agency-wide problem in this regard, but refuses to do anything about it, believing themselves above the law. Yet, amazingly, this lawbreaking agency is entrusted with the nation's law enforcement needs.  


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