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Florida Nursing Home Blames FPL For The Deaths Of 8 People (Video)

September 14. 2017

This is a follow up to the article "8 People Die In South Florida Nursing Home After Hurricane Irma Cuts FPL Supplied Electricity (Video)." Representatives for the Rehabilitation Center nursing home in Hollywood, Florida, located just outside Miami, have blamed Florida, Power & Light (FPL) for the deaths of 8 of their residents, due to heat exhaustion when the light company failed to honor their promise in showing up for a field visit to restore power.

Emergency calls were immediately placed to FPL regarding the problem when it first occurred. FPL promised to quickly repair the transformer that knocked out power to their air conditioning unit and a back up generator at the nursing home facility. However, FPL did not prioritize the call and no one showed up to do the repair.

I have written past articles about FPL and their transformers, which are vulnerable to hurricanes and hackers. I was nearly electrocuted when a hacker, Randy Vaughn, of the Fluor electrical company and government contractor in South Carolina, employed by deranged pop star Madonna, sent strong power surges into my home as a form of harassment and terrorization, using the illegal program Crash Override. FPL does not take enough responsibility for the aftermath of their company's failures that harm other people.

If you remember correctly, I did state in my article months ago on FPL that strong power surges on a clear, sunny, storm free day decimated/electrically toasted one of my external hard drives that was plugged in, which hold information regarding forthcoming, life saving pharmaceutical drug patents and destroyed the air conditioning unit in the apartment below us, occupied by a legally blind man and his mother, who ended up suffering in the sweltering heat. That's the same thing I warned about months ago, which has now happened again due to FPL's criminal negligence, but this time at the nursing home this week, regarding an FPL transformer destroying the air conditioning unit after the storm, then leaving customers without help.

FPL is already in spin mode regarding the nursing home deaths. The fact of the matter is FPL knows priority is to be given to hospitals and medical facilities. They should have arrived at the Rehabilitation Center immediately, but did not keep their promise.

With the corruption in the court system, especially in places like Florida, regarding misdeeds which go all the way up to the FBI and CIA, who are corrupting the judicial administration of justice, and Congress, who passed legislation in favor of FPL rather than what is in the best interest of the public, it is going to be hard for the families of the victims at the nursing home to get justice in civil court, because corrupt laws indemnify FPL for any and all responsibility or liability.

As the popular phrase goes, "God doesn't like ugly" and this web of corruption in the government and corporate sector is by all definitions and standards "ugly." All this corruption, finagling, conspiring, bribing, scheming, defrauding, gouging and arrogance - and all for what - profits have all been wiped out due to this unprecedented hurricane. The only people I'm sorry for is the victims who have passed away at the nursing home and the consumers constantly being made to suffer via gouging and financial battery by corporate greed and government/judicial corruption.

Trust me I know, I've been through it with FPL in court and they are disgraceful. It's sad that it took Irma, an "act of God" as it is referred to in the insurance world, to expose the fact FPL is doing customers wrong and the government (legislature, judiciary, FBI and CIA) have knowingly and willfully acted with complicity in massive acts of corruption. They keep putting profits over people's lives and well being, which is reprehensible and inhumane on every level. 

Once again, my condolences to the victims at the nursing home.


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8 People Die In South Florida Nursing Home After Hurricane Irma Cuts FPL Supplied Electricity (Video)



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