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Gang Stalking

 February 18. 2010


Gang stalking is a terrible type of egregious misconduct taking place in America that the FBI is aware of through several cases, both civil and criminal. Cults such as Kabbalah and Scientology use it to target, terrorize and destroy innocent people. They employ various methods, such as stalking and invasion of privacy, both serious crimes, in attempting to harass, wear down and destroy innocent people, in conduct that is positively un-American.

The trial of convicted private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, which the FBI investigated, was a prime example of how rich and famous Hollywood degenerates use private investigators to accomplish this goal, who in turn employ thugs and bullies, to gang stalk and terrorize innocent people, who refuse to meet their demands and desires.

I have been the target of a most sick breed of gang stalking, commissioned by pseudo-singer Madonna, a psychotic that choked a child, Keith Sorrentino and stalked various men and women that rebuffed her.  

Lately, due to positive developments in my life, Madonna has once again escalated the commissioned harassment.

Kabbalah Harassed Disabled Friend

For example, two weeks in a row this month, my family and I went out to have dinner at the mall. We were out with a ward of the court, who is a disabled friend, that is a very nice person, who is well liked in the community.

Madonna sent, via the Kabbalah center in Miami, which is the cult she fronts, a group of four thugs, two weeks in a row, to harass, yell at, mock and terrorize us, getting so close, surrounding us and getting so abrasive and demeaning with what they were saying, we were concerned for our safety.

The first week they did this, I ignored them and we walked away from them, even though they kept following us for several minutes. When they did not get to me with the harassment, the second week they returned again, stalking us, but this time, not only did they target me, they  mercilessly mocked and harassed our mentally disabled friend, as a means of getting to me, because their misconduct was ignored the week prior.

Stalking  And Hate Crimes

Madonna has reached a new low, violating not only the Civil Rights Act with these hate crimes, but she has now violated the Americans with Disabilities Act as well, which is most appalling and sick.

Stalking is a state and national crime, which constitutes a felony. Madonna has repeatedly engaged in commissioned stalking via the Miami Kabbalah center, sending members of the cult, who identify themselves as such, to stalk, threaten and terrorize me on a regular basis. She is a horrible human being.

She has sent, via the Kabbalah center in Miami, some of the most psychotic, ill coordinated, hygienically challenged, rage filled people in the city, to harass, threaten, berate and deride me and in some instances, they have targeted members of my family, who were out in public with me as well. I have taken mobile phone pictures of many of them, some of which were recently submitted to the Court in the Aisha v. FBI case.

Vehicular Assault

Three incidents on public streets in Miami, devolved into members of Kabbalah trying to run me over with vehicles, most notably, a black Mercedes, which I informed the FBI of in writing and verbally in 2005.

Three years later, in 2008, the FBI, DOJ and Los Angeles prosecutor, stated publicly FOR THE FIRST TIME at the criminal trial of one of Madonna's private investigators, Anthony Pellicano, that he sent a man in a black Mercedes in an attempt to run over and kill Los Angeles Times journalist, Anita Busch, outside her home, on behalf of a wealthy Hollywood star and executive.

The Anthony Pellicano trial revealed they engage in vehicular assault, when they become exasperated and are unable to find any derogatory information or dirt on the victim they target with illegal surveillance, thus they resort to attempted murder, to rid themselves of the perceived problem, also known as an innocent citizen.

Private Eye Gavin DeBecker

Madonna also terrorizes innocent people through Los Angeles private investigator, Gavin DeBecker, who unlike Anthony Pellicano, is currently a free man. There are other currently free private investigators she uses as well, to target and terrorize innocent people she psychotically perceives as enemies. She is a sick person and depraved human being to do such debased things to people who have done her no harm.

The fact of the matter is, I don't know her and never did anything to her. I authored a Copyrighted Catalog of works and it made me a target of this horrible, sick, wicked woman, who has stolen her way to the top with a career that has been in free fall for a decade.

Mafia Threats

She also abused her Italian heritage, as did her private investigator, Anthony Pellicano and her boyfriend, Chris Pacello, both felons and members of the mafia, in sending a man to utter mafia death threats to me, threatening: when an order is given to kill someone, it comes down from the top in the mafia, then works its way down, to underlings, who carry out the murder.

This was one of her sick attempts to terrify me into giving up the full rights to my Copyrighted Catalog that she had begun stealing from and has become completely obsessed with.

In a time when most Italians shun mafia stereotypes, Madonna has disgracefully embraced it and has used it to threaten people like me.

Pellicano and Pacello also sent thugs to issue mafia styled death threats to others they terrorized, in well documented incidents that are apart of court records.

Attempted Sexual Assault

Yesterday, in another incident in public, another Kabbalah recruit came up to me in public, started harassing and terrorizing me and tried to inappropriately touch me in a sexual manner. I took a mobile phone photo of him for future evidence in court. 

That nasty, vile old beast Madonna, has dragged her sick conduct to new lows yet again. She is such a disgusting old pervert. What kind of nasty animal commissions something like that.

FBI Criminal Negligence

The FBI has allowed the misconduct to continue, because, as it was told to me, they entered into a conspiracy, as they want Hollywood stars to be the best in the world and allowing the criminal thefts of my preexisting Copyrights, via looking the other way to my case, is a means to achieving said felonious goal. It's ugly, but it is the truth. 

The FBI has a consistent record of discriminating against black people and foreigners. They have been sued by a number of black civilians and African-American FBI agents, for racial discrimination and harassment.

In looking the other way to the copyright thefts, to unlawfully benefit Hollywood, it has also meant, the FBI has allowed the constant harassment against me in public by Kabbalah and invasion of privacy to continue as well, in violation of the Civil Rights Act and anti-stalking statutes.

What's even more disgraceful is a copy of the Aisha v. FBI lawsuit and a letter was sent to the White House (click here) as Madonna's commissioned misconduct via Kabbalah had begun escalating into terrible, dangerous levels of unprovoked violence, yet several months later, nothing has been done to stop it. The FBI, DOJ and Obama admin read this website and have been in the site statistics as visitors for quite some time. 

It lends the impression the Obama admin approves of the misconduct coming out of Hollywood or why else would it continue happening. It's quite ironic, as he has daughters and wouldn't like anyone coming up to them in public on a regular basis, harassing, terrorizing and threatening them or trying to touch them inappropriately on a city street. Therefore, as a dad, one would expect more from him than that. 

25,000,000 people have read about the aforementioned lawsuit via my sites, feeds and numerous other links. Therefore, I don't know why the current admin could logically believe the ONGOING criminal conduct they have allowed from Madonna and co., could help poll numbers.

It also doesn't look good that Obama's FBI and DOJ tried to challenge the Civil Rights Act in court and continue to stonewall me in not turning over the Freedom of Information Act documents I properly requested under the law, with the FBI sending me a letter stating I'd have to sue to get them. 

Now that I have sued, they are still attempting to cling to the incriminating documents for dear life, have not denied any of my allegations and refuse to give an explanation for their appalling conduct in allowing Madonna to run loose with such terrible criminal activity. If someone accused you of something you didn't do, you'd deny you did it. Yet the FBI and DOJ keep dancing around it, refusing to deny it, as the evidence clearly illustrates they did and allowed others to do things they should not have either.

Individuals and entities such as the EFF have sued the FBI/DOJ and gotten the Freedom of Information Act documents released right away, yet the FBI/DOJ continue in a dogfight against me, trying to hide said documents like their lives depended on it. That's not transparency.



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