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Jay-Z Going Broke

May 18. 2010

Jay-Z and Beyonce

According to the New York Post, rapper and frequent copyright infringer, Jay-Z is going broke, due to a series of bad business deals that have hit his wallet in a terrible way. Believing his own hype with absolutely no business sense to back it up, Jay-Z took out a massive loan to start a hotel. Wonder where he got that ill-fated idea from, as the whole thing collapsed, leaving him with no hotel and massive interest payments on a $52,000,000 loan. 

He spent $4.5 million

He sold his record company and fashion line that was run by a partner he betrayed, Damian Dash, making far less off the deal than he reported to the press. His record sales are fake, being greatly inflated by schemes he was outed for by Soundscan, who tallies record sales. He tours often, as it is the only means of income he has to support his fake player lifestyle that has been greatly exaggerated.

He and his wife, Beyonce, routinely steal copyrights and engage in racketeering to support their scam of a career and lavish lifestyles. The crooked couple tried to get involved in a casino deal, but when the State of New York demanded all parties disclose their financial records, Jay-Z and Beyonce backed out.

The fact of the matter is Jay-Z's career and label Rocafella were founded on drug money and bribery. He is not a legitimate entrepreneur, but a lazy, greedy criminal. Jay-Z has used his drug dealer mentality in the corporate world and it has backfired. 

He is still the same uncouth, unintelligent thug and criminal he always was, hiding under a new title. His actions have damaged many in the corporate world and it is just that he faces financial scrutiny and ruin for his unseemly, criminal conduct. 

Rather than selling poison on the streets as a drug dealer, he reveled in his switch to selling poisonous music to people's children, most of which he stole from legitimate writers and producers, then corrupted with profanity, pornography and occult themes. 

His wife Beyonce is not much better, as she stole her way to the top, engaging in mass copyright infringement and RICO violations, to create her career and ill-gotten gains. Both of you are a disgrace.  


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