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Julian Assange Arrested After Being Framed 

Free Julian Assange And Bradley Manning

December 7. 2010


Julian Assange

The Obama Administration made a lot of enemies today, with the arrest of Wikileaks site founder, Julian Assange, for leaking classified documents illustrating rampant corruption and human atrocities perpetrated by the government. He was arrested in London, England today, in a very chaotic scene, when he turned himself in on an outstanding international Interpol warrant for very dubious rape and sexual assault claims.

 Many booed his arrest as a show of support for his bravery in exposing government corruption. Online many slammed the Obama Administration for framing Assange in order to neutralize him and his website, which is now operating from the web address www.Wikileaks.ch. The arrest stems from Assange's stay in Sweden this summer, where he had consensual sex with two women, two days apart. They both reported him to the police on the very same day, which looks very strange under the circumstances. In one instance, the condom broke during sexual intercourse and the other he did not use one. 

Hillary Clinton

Under Swedish law it is a crime to have sex without a condom and it is labeled rape and sexual assault. Sweden should revise this law, as it does not reflect the true horrors of rape, to state someone having CONSENSUAL sex without protection is a sexual predator. Originally, the case was thrown out by Swedish prosecutors, labeled without merit, but under pressure from the Obama Administration, it was reopened. 

Statistics reveal condoms have a 36% failure rate, which would mean many are guilty of a crime under Swedish law. What it translates into is any couple engaging in consensual sex, where there is breakage of the prophylactic, has just committed rape. That makes no sense. The Judiciary Report is of the belief, should the Swedish government want to continue criminalizing sex without a condom, they should rename the statute the Unsafe Sex law, rather than referring to it as "rape" or "sexual assault." That would be more appropriate. Currently, the title does not fit the conduct and is unnecessarily destroying people's names and taking away their freedom. 

Barack Obama

To clarify, the Judiciary Report does not encourage premarital sex. However, the law is the law and a proper classification and interpretation should be placed on each section, for the sake of domestic citizens and international tourists. One has to wonder if the CIA passed the women involved some money to make the complaint, as Assange was invited to stay at their apartments, before the so-called incidents transpired. It wouldn't be the first time the government framed someone. 

If you take a good look at the leaked Wikileaks cables featuring Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, you will observe a ruthless member of government, preoccupied with people's sex lives and medical records, searching for a weak point to criminally exploit. It's a very old political trick and an exceptionally dirty one. 


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