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Karrueche Tran Not Letting Chris Brown Go Which Has Ticked Off A Jealous Rihanna

November 13. 2012


Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran    

Model and dancer Karrueche Tran is delighted by a new interview featuring Chris Brown publicly disowning any romantic relationship with singer Rihanna, after reuniting with her in public last month. Rihanna became embarrassed Brown kept dating and having sex with Tran behind her back after their dates and was so indiscrete about it, the paparazzi were able to camp out and obtain pics of the model sneaking in and out of his house at indecent hours after "booty calls."

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran    

A source informed me it bruised Rihanna's big ego and she felt the whole thing damaged her image, as she believes she is the baddest chick in the industry, as the slang term goes (and laughed a Beyonce, who Jay-Z gave that title, though he's been cheating with Rihanna). Rihanna isn't happy with Tran, a woman she referred to as "a nobody" repeatedly stealing Chris from her and for the whole public to see. People who post comments in the blogosphere have written some rough stuff about the love triangle, much of which has not been flattering to Rihanna.

Chris Brown and Rihanna kissing last month

I was informed Tran bragged Rihanna may be with him in public, but she's the one with him behind closed doors. Ouch! Maybe Rihanna should have left Chris and Karrueche alone. They did seem happy together after things imploded with Brown and Rihanna, due to domestic violence. Once again, Brown is proving why he needs media training, by telling his fans to "shut the he*l up" about his personal life and then in the next breath asking you to buy his subpar CD. Oh, what a gentleman (sarcasm).

Chris Brown and Rihanna kissing two months ago

Brown stated during the aforementioned interview, "It doesn't become your situation anymore. I think everybody feels so attached to this old situation. As far as our personal life, I think people need to give it a chance. Not even give it a chance--shut the h*ll up. That's basically what it is. They're the fans, sit back and watch. That's all they're doing anyway...As far as the world goes, Iím not asking them to accept that. You know, like, buy an album damn it! Buy whatever it is that you want to hear me say because Iím saying it on this album."


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