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Man Wrongfully Imprisoned For 28-Years Due To FBI

December 18. 2009

Donald Eugene Gates

Donald Eugene Gates, a man wrongfully imprisoned for 28 years, due to an FBI lab, has started a new chapter in his life, after DNA testing proved he could not have committed the crime he was convicted of decades ago. It turns out, some unconscionable FBI employees deliberately submitted false reports to illegally gain the conviction. Much like they did in another case they were recently sued over that sent 4 innocent men to prison for 40-years. The FBI needs to be closed, as its name is gone. They've done too many wicked things to innocent people.

Gates, a Christian, says he is not bitter and has extended forgiveness to those that wronged him, in violating his rights and unjustly taking 28 years of his freedom. Thatís beautiful. God bless you. You deserve financial compensation for the horrible nightmare the FBI and prosecution put you through. I hope you will gain legal redress and financial restitution in a court of law.


Whereís the Justice for Wrongly Imprisoned Man?

Gannett News Service - Dec 18th, 2009 - Whereís the justice in this? - Donald Eugene Gates spent 28 years in prison for a crime he didnít commit. Convicted in 1981 of the brutal rape and murder of Catherine Schilling, a 21-year-old Georgetown University student, Gates got 20 years to life and was sent to federal prison in Arizona.

Gates was released a few days ago after DNA testing proved he didnít commit that crime. To help him restart his life, the government gave Gates some winter clothes, $75 and a bus ticket to his hometown, Akron, Ohio. The cab ride from the Tucson prison to the Greyhound bus station cost him $35.

Gates was forced to spend nearly half his 58 years behind bars after an FBI crime lab analyst linked two pubic hairs found at the crime scene to Gates. The reliability of that analyst, Michael Malone, was called into question in several subsequent cases.

A 1997 FBI inspector generalís report concluded Malone and other analysts in the bureauís Washington crime lab had submitted false reports and performed inaccurate tests in criminal cases. In 2003, a forensic scientist found problems with Maloneís work in the Gates case, but prosecutors never gave that information to Gatesí lawyer...




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