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(FBI Director Robert S. Mueller)

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Wikileaks Releases Hacked U.S. Federal Government Documents Showing The CIA And FBI Are Spying On People In Their Homes Via Hacking Smart TVs And Backdoors In Computer And Phone Operating System Confirming Previous Judiciary Report Site Claims

Obama Administration Wastes Huge Sums Of American Taxpayer Money Breaking The Law In America, Britain And Jamaica On Behalf Of Madonna's Kabbalah Center In Committing Egregious Human Rights Abuses

Madonna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Rita Ora And Jessie J Sued Over Copyright Infringement, Invasion Of Privacy, Commissioned Criminal Harassment And Assault Via The Kabbalah Center

Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans - Part 2 (MURDER)

Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans

Madonna Illegally Borrowing Money From Banks To Fund Kabbalah Center Cult's Criminal Invasion Of Privacy

FBI's WMD Department Rebuked By IG

FBI Sued In The Madonna Case

Open Defiance

The FBI's Secret File Room

Now They Want To Investigate All Of A Sudden

FBI Failed To Act On Tip About Abortionist Killer

The FBI Needs To Learn To Prioritize

FBI Denounced By Parents Of Missing Kids

4 FBI Agents Wounded In Pakistan Bomb Blast

FBI Knew About London Bombing Plot 1 Year In Advance

How Much Did The FBI Know And When

FBI Blamed For London Bombings

The London Times Blasts Mueller Cover Up

Did The FBI Fail Again Part 2

Did The FBI Fail Again

FBI Knew About Mortgage Problems From 2004

FBI Ignored Mortgage Catastrophe

Wives Of Men Framed For Murder By The FBI Speak

FBI and NSA Wiretapping Ruled Illegal

IG: FBI Computer System On Track For Failure

FBI Director's Hypocritical Speech About Bribery

FBI Sued By Former Agent For Racism

The FBI And Racism

The Racist FBI

The FBI Harassed Innocent Scientist

FBI Made Scientist A Scapegoat In Anthrax Case

FBI Reproved For Spying On Journalists

FBI's New Global Terrorism Fight

FBI Arrested Pedophile Filming Kids

FBI Hacked

White Supremacist Confirmed FBI Informant

FBI Destroyed Terrible File On Obama's Grandfather

FBI Gives Back Looted Foreign Artwork

FBI Faulted For Failures On Identity Theft Front

FBI Invited Muslim Children To Their Offices

FBI Failed To Act On Tip About Abortionist Killer

Another Corrupted FBI Agent Turns To Crime

FBI Finally Arrested R. Allen Stanford

Thai Police To The FBI: Thanks But No Thanks

The FBI Using GPS To Track People

Reaction To FBI NY's Arrest Of Terrorist Wannabes  

FBI Accused Of Entrapping Terrorist Wannabes

FBI Nabs More PseudoTerrorists  

FBI Finally Convicts Miami 7, Uh, 6, Um, 5

Female FBI Agent Accused Of Sexual Harassment In India

FBI Agent Indicted For Helping Anthony Pellicano

FBI Agent Charged With Murder

FBI Accuses Warner Music Rapper Of Murder

FBI Says WWE's Ashley Massaro = Ho-oker

FBI Heads Up Led To Innocent Man’s Murder

The FBI Wiretapped 27 Million Calls In One Year

Money Misused: Mueller Using FBI Private Jet For Himself

FBI Whistleblower Documentary

FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds Speaks Through Photos

The FBI Are Copyright Infringers

FBI Breaking The Law On Campus

FBI Agent Busted Masturbating In Women's Bathroom - Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work

FBI Broke The Law At Reporters Expense

FBI Agent Shoots Man In The Booty

FBI Agent Shoots Fluffy

FBI Still Framing People For Crimes They Didn't Commit

FBI To L.A. Times: Tupac Documents Fake

FBI Used Pregnant Woman To Get Dirt On Bonds

Slain FBI Agent Was Sent In Without Proper Gear

Explosion At FBI Headquarters

FBI Still Lying About FOIA Files

FBI HQ Robbing The American People

FBI Computer System In Trouble Again

FBI Slammed By Scientists That Seek To Sue

FBI Blocks Agents From Telling Truth About 9/11

FBI Investigating Financial Crisis

FBI Spyware Called CIPAV

FBI Computer CIO Leaves The Agency

FBI Fancies Itself A Corporation


Los Angeles FBI Office To Be Renovated

FBI Rep Targets Me Over Website

FBI Arrests Blogger That Leaked Guns N Roses CD

FBI To Be Called Before Congress Over Spying

FBI Anthrax Case Deteriorates Even More

Major Discrepancy In FBI Anthrax Case

FBI In Trouble Over Anthrax Case

 FBI Agent Throws Rapper Akon Under The Bus

15-Year-Old Mindy McCready Had An Affair With 28-Year-Old Roger Clemens

FBI Says WWE's Ashley Massaro = Ho-oker

FBI Blames Joe Lieberman For Site Problems

FBI To L.A. Times: Tupac Documents Fake

Miami Beach Man Roger Stone Tipped Off FBI Regarding Spitzer's Prostitutes

The FBI Are Haters

FBI Parades Execs On Perp Walk

Congress Cuts The FBI’s Funding

FBI Charges Newscaster With Hacking Co-Anchor

FBI Seized Anne Hathaway’s Jewelry

FBI Searches Palin Hacker’s Place

The New York Post Accuses FBI Director Mueller Of A Cover Up

FBI Agent Offers Woman Punch

FBI Snoop - And I'm Not Talking About The Rapper

Are You A Pothead? The FBI Wants You!

FBI Computer System Delayed Again

FBI Complaining About Terror Suspect’s Scribbling

FBI Director Makes More Empty Promises

FBI Busts Terrorist Wannabes

Delay Blasts FBI Director Robert Muller For His...Well, Delay

FBI's Robert Mueller Still Searching For Dead As A Doornail Jimmy Hoffa While The Living Go Ignored

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Slams Judge Jude “The FBI Stinks” Posner 

FBI Director Robert Mueller Doesn’t Know His Job

Senate Hearings On FBI Misconduct Begin

Harvard Students Heckle FBI Director Robert Mueller

*Last updated 4-7-17



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