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Obama Seeks To Extend The Term Of Failure Prone FBI Chief

May 12. 2011 

Barack Obama

Reports out of Washington indicate, U.S. President Barack Obama, seeks to extend the term of failure prone FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller. Under U.S. law, FBI Directors can only hold their position for 10-years. However, Obama is unwisely seeking to extend Mueller's term for two more years. Mueller is after all the man that has done more damage to America and the world,  than any other FBI chief in U.S. history.

Mueller was at the helm when the September 11th terrorist attacks happened, for which Osama Bin Laden was blamed. Criminal negligence within the FBI allowed the unprecedented terrorist attack to happen, as FBI agents were stonewalled dozens of times, by headquarters in Washington (see: Mueller and co.). 

This month, the U.S. Navy Seals and not the incompetent FBI, were credited with pursuing and killing the Al Qaeda terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. The attack would not have happened in the first place, had the FBI done its job 10-years ago, costing 3,000 people their lives and collectively scarring a nation. 

Other FBI failures under Mueller include, ignoring credible intelligence information that caused the bloody Fort Hood terrorist attack to transpire in Texas, costing military members their lives. The FBI was censured in an official congressional report over the tragic incident. 

The Christmas 2009 attempted bombing of a Detroit airliner, which was foiled by passengers, nearly claimed 300 lives, as Mueller brazenly ignored an intelligence report from the British government, specifically stating the would be bomber is a terrorist they have kicked out of their nation and is a danger to America.  

Robert S. Mueller

It was revealed in the mainstream press, arrogant Mueller and the FBI sat on credible intelligence data that could have prevented the 7/7 terrorist bombing from occurring, which claimed many lives in Britain and shattered the nation's sense of safety.   

Numerous private citizens have died under Mueller's watch, as he and the FBI ignored credible tips from the public. This lead to the cold blooded murder of a number of citizens, who the FBI are supposed to protect. 

Mueller is also the careless FBI Director, who ignored reports from within the agency in 2004, which illustrated America was headed for a calamitous mortgage crisis, which came to a head four years later in 2008. He is also the FBI Director that allowed ponzi schemers Madoff and Stanford to continue their crimes for nearly a decade, after he found out what they were doing in the corporate sector.  

During Mueller's tenure, unprecedented human rights and civil rights violations have occurred at the FBI. Scandal after scandal broke, regarding the FBI criminally spying on American and international citizens, via illegal wiretapping, hacking, email scanning, GPS and bank account and credit monitoring. Mueller single-handedly and haughtily threw the Fourth Amendment out the window. 

But this is the power hungry imbecile President Obama seeks to keep on at the FBI and at a time when terrorists are plotting more than ever to attack America and the West in general. More terrorist attacks are on the way and it is very unwise to go with an individual, Mueller, who has a proven track record of abject failure. 


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