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Public Slams FBI's Planned J. Edgar Hoover Museum

February 15. 2011

Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

To show how out of touch the FBI is with the public, they actually think people like their former director, J. Edgar Hoover and would want a museum in the notorious criminal's honor. Get real! Hoover terrorized, harassed, spied on, abused, threatened and ultimately had a hand in the murder of the greatest American ever, Martin Luther King jr., never repenting of those evil views. 

Why would people want to honor a man that unrepentantly engaged in such abominations. Hoover was a perverted, racist piece of trash, who is probably burning in hell right now, for the unrepentant conduct he held to, until the day he died.

Current crooked FBI Director Robert S. Mueller is a lot like Hoover, right down to the ridiculous smirk

What do you really think happened on the other side when Hoover died. Do you think God who made all people, welcomed a man that refused His grace to the end, by refusing to forsake his evil ways, commissioning the death of a preacher God raised up to tell the world, we are all equal in His sight, regardless of our skin color and never seeking forgiveness for it. 

Hoover made King's life on earth hell and clung to the evil he did as right, to the day he died. Now ironically the FBI Director is in hell. He had many chances to change his wicked ways, but didn't and I suggest all you FBI agents following in his path, forsake that terrible route, as it only leads to one place.


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