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Rihanna Arena Tour To Be Scrapped Due To Poor Sales

March 23. 2011


Faux singer, Rihanna, is facing humiliation this week, as her latest tour "Loud" has been scrapped, due to poor ticket sales. Her current and former CDs have bombed as well. The smug, arrogant rip-off artist was forced to face reality, regarding her career being in the toilet - and it is fitting.

To have that kind of ego and no talent to back it up is ridiculous. Everything, from her music, fashion looks, images and perfume, have been unlawfully stolen from others. The woman is a complete fake. Rihanna is being slammed in mainstream publications, as a purveyor of porn music. She was even slammed by Farrakhan in a massive diss, regarding her "filthy" career choices and lifestyle. Isn't she tired of disgracing herself and her family.

The fact of the matter is, Rihanna is an overrated, under talented wannabe artist, with less brain cells and clothes, than talent. On a modest day, a conservative ensemble for Rihanna would be a g-string. People are tired of seeing that nastiness. Rihanna is trying to put on this hardcore-music-chick image, but she comes off as a total pretender, mimicking what others have done in the past. She clumsily keeps trying to show she is tough and cutting edge, when she is a prostitute sleeping with industry men for career advancement - and not even that is working anymore.


Slow going for Rihanna tour

Last Updated: 12:29 AM, March 22, 2011 - Rihanna is having as tough a time selling concert tickets as she did last year. After her 2010 "Last Girl on Earth" tour hit problems with cancellations in Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver and Indianapolis because of low ticket sales, it seems the pop princess still can't pack an arena, even with new management from Jay-Z's Roc Nation. Sources say after poor US concert pre-sales last month, Rihanna has been advised by her day-to-day manager, Jay Brown, to cancel domestic dates on her "Loud" tour...Reps for Rihanna and Roc Nation declined to comment.



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