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Scientology Has Tom Cruise Believing He Is Telepathic Able To Control Humans And Animals With His Mind

July 18. 2012

Nutty Tom Cruise and insane Scientology cult leader David Miscavige 

The next item is so funny, I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself. According to U.S. Weekly, Tom Cruise is so deep into Scientology, he has reached one of the highest levels of mind screw in its cracked out courses. Cruise is an "OT VII" which is short for "Operative Turd." Ok, they didnít say that. I did. But he is called something known as "OT VII" (and no its not a movie sequel). It is short for "Operative Thetan."

You know L. Ron Hubbard ran out of ideas when he was writing this madness for his science fiction novels that these nincompoops have made into a so-called religion, because "Thetan" is technically "The Tan" sans the space between the two words. Hubbard probably just wanted a tan, what with being locked away in a mental institution and all (um, why is Tom Cruise free).

This insane Hollywood cult has convinced Tom Cruise he is telepathic and can control other humans and animals thinking and behavior and move things with his mind (when he can't even control his own mind/temper - see angry outburst at Matt Lauer on the Today Show).

Dude, your brain is gone

Heís not telepathic. I know telepathy, because Iím telepathic (suppressing laughter). Case in point. I tried to flip over a glass of milk with my mind and it worked, but only when I knocked it over with my hand. It was a Maradonna moment. So, Iím telepathic (sarcasm).

There was another incident, regarding a tree in my former yard that kept blocking the side gate to the backyard and I said I wished the three wasnít there. Months later a hurricane struck and tore down the tree, along with other peopleís roofs and Christmas lights they didnít take down even in the summer. And as you know, hurricanes are very rare in Florida, as they happen like every other year. So once again, Iím telepathic (sarcasm).

Scientology and their blasphemous version of the Christian cross

Speaking of crazy cults in Hollywood. Remember that incident when a horse broke two million of Madonnaís bones. Well, I did that through telepathy. I told the horse to aim for Madonnaís penis or Adamís apple. However, the horse disobeyed and kicked her in the neck (bad horsy). He could have improvised and aimed for her face, as it would have only been an improvement on her looks, but to each his own. You can lead a horse to water...

But back to batty Tom Cruise. If heís telepathic, why canít he make himself grow taller instead of wearing Cuban heels and loafers so high they may as well be women's pumps. If heís telepathic, why didnít he use his mind to stop Katie Holmes from untying the rope around her hands, breaking out of the basement and running to freedom by jumping over the alligator pit and barbwire fence at their home. 


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