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Kids Still Being Taken To The Kabbalah Center Which Is Under Investigation For Crimes Against Children

May 26. 2011

Crazy, plastic surgery butchered, Madonna visiting her equally insane Kabbalah Center this week. The mismatched madwoman looks like a clown wearing four different, conflicting patterns at the same time - no one that legitimately designed a fashionline would do that (but she didn't design it, now did she).

Why are children still being allowed to go to the corrupt Kabbalah Center, considering the fact they are under criminal investigation in an FBI probe, for crimes against children and human trafficking. The Kabbalah Center, led by pop tart, Madonna, is also under criminal investigation by the IRS in a separate federal probe for fraud, theft, money laundering and inappropriate use of tax exempt status, as the cult heads are stealing millions and living lavishly on money publicly solicited in the name of poor people in Malawi. Regrettably, the poor in Malawi have not been receiving the millions Madonna and Kabbalah solicited in their name over the past several years.

The FBI has an initiative called Innocent Images, geared at stomping out child pornography and the exploitation of children in a sexual manner. Yet, here it is, kids are still going to the Kabbalah Centers with their parents, sometimes without, in a cult that has known pedophiles and sexual predators in its ranks, fond of hiring private investigators to illegally spy on families in their homes. This is child endangerment. Furthermore, the so-called curriculum the children are being taught in Kabbalah is fostering severe mental illness. Adults and children are being exposed to this madness.

They further wrote off in their taxes, items of a very illegal nature, such as unlawful surveillance, via wiretaps, hacking and stalking, as legitimate "security" and "internet" expenses, when they are not. The wife of baseball player, Alexander Rodriguez, who Madonna and Kabbalah illegally placed under invasive surveillance, complained of illegal wiretapping in court documents, during their divorce proceedings. Madonna and Kabbalah placed Mrs. Rodriguez and their small children under illegal surveillance, when the pop star became obsessed with him, resulting in a very embarrassing public scandal. This was an egregious abuse of the tax code.

Madonna and her son outside the Kabbalah Center

It is very ironic that Madonna illegally adopted two children from Malawi, yet she has abused and exploited their homeland for financial gain. They are not going to feel good when they get old enough to read and hear stories about how a publicity obsessed madwoman adopted them as accessories for attention, while bulldozing their people's village in Lilongwe, full of homes belonging to the poor, to make way for a school she had no intention of building (she bulldozed 200 poor people's homes). 

No compensation was given. Madonna and Kabbalah have now been exposed for fraudulently holding a groundbreaking years ago, spending millions in donated charity money on themselves and not even pulling one building permit, which is very unorthodox and corrupt.

The Kabbalah Center has been nothing but a massive financial scam for Madonna and the Bergs, bringing them $300,000,000 in cash and assets, while the people of Malawi go hungry and homeless. This madwoman even roped the United Nations into a star studded benefit for Malawi, held five years ago and millions were donated by private citizens that never made it to the African nation. However, the United Nations knew she was corrupt, but got involved for dubious financial reasons that shall haunt them for a very long time to come, when the truth is revealed.

What we see is a steady pattern of people in authority, from the FBI to the United Nations, consistently failing innocent people that have been grossly exploited by Madonna and Kabbalah. A criminal probe needs to be launched, as to why it was allowed.

Madonna's teenage daughter after a recent visit to the Kabbalah Center

Madonna is deeply involved in the criminal misconduct taking placing in the Kabbalah Centre, diverting donated millions for her own personal use. As mentioned previously in Newsweek, Madonna has hidden bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. These accounts contain millions in donated charity money she has stashed away. This is thoroughly unorthodox conduct for any charity, as it is just not done, due to transparency requirements.

Madonna's career has been over for some time now, as she released flop after flop on the charts over the past 10 years. According to Ticketmaster data, none of her tours have sold out for well over a decade. Yet here it is, Madonna recently bought a $40,000,000 townhouse in New York, a $10,000,000 property in the Hamptons (New York), a $10,000,0000 house in Beverly Hills, maintains a $15,000,000 penthouse in Manhattan, purchased a $20,000,000 townhouse in London, a $15,000,000 country home in England, with a fleet of luxury cars worth millions and keeps a personal staff of two dozen people (not to mention a fortune in failed plastic surgery and she still looks older than her age). Not even America's richest men, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, live that lavishly and they've earned way more money than she has in her fraudulent career that is solely based on criminal copyright theft.

I know finance well. I also know how much entertainers are truly paid by labels and external corporations in the corporate sector and Madonna's lavish lifestyle far exceeds her so-called earnings. Therefore, where is this money coming from to fund the publicly noted extravagance that is her lavish lifestyle. Rhetorical question. She is nothing but a common, vulgar, low class slime  that is a thief and hoodlum, criminally robbing people and stealing from the poor.


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