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Sony Badly Hit By $24 Billion Dollar Hack

April 29. 2011

Sony PlayStation 

Sony, who are some of the worst thieves in entertainment, have been hit by a massive data breach, via an unprecedented hack, allegedly executed by the hacker collective, Anonymous against the embattled company. They have been targeting the company over suing hacker George Holtz, who modified Sony PlayStation software.

Experts estimate the security breach will cost Sony $24 billion dollars. The personal and financial data of 77 million PSN (Play Station Network) users was swiped and there is already evidence the information is being illegally used. PlayStation customers are furious with Sony, feeling betrayed by their negligence in the matter and attempted cover-up, which cost consumers valuable time.

Sony CEO Howard "Satan" Stringer

Customers harmed by the incident are threatening a widespread boycott of Sony, who have called the FBI for assistance regarding the hack. This is ironic, as Anonymous is far more computer savvy than the FBI, who just got their first email addresses a few years ago. That's not saying they can't catch them, but Anonymous has greater knowledge of computers than the FBI. 

U.S. Senator, Richard Blumenthal, denounced Sony's negligence, demanding they pay for credit monitoring for all 77 million customers affected by the security breach, as credit card numbers were taken in the electronic haul. Credit card companies shall be hit with $300 million in costs, via trying to repair the damage created by Sony's security problems in this monster hack. Something tells me they're not going to want to absorb those costs. 


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