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Sony Settles Louis Vuitton Copyright Lawsuit

 October 9. 2008

Sony artist and psycho Britney Spears has been sued five times in unrelated cases for copyright infringement

As someone who has been terribly ripped off and defrauded by Sony/BMG, I am not surprised they were sued for trademark and copyright infringement by Louis Vuitton. This is in addition to various other copyright infringement claims against artists such as Avril Lagvine, Beyonce and Britney Spears to name a few.

It is disgraceful and duplicitous that Sony wants others to adhere to their intellectual property rights, observing their copyrights and trademarks, yet they so openly and willfully violate the legal and property rights of others in this regard, for financial gain and undue accolades. That is a dishonorable, deplorable way to conduct business. 

Alicia Keys (L), Sony Music's former CEO, Clive Davis (C) and Whitney Houston (r). Clive was let go for publicly telling his artists to stop writing songs, if you can call it that. It's just as well, as they weren't writing songs, but stealing them from others such as myself in criminal violation of the law.

Recently, Sony settled an embarrassing lawsuit brought by French goods maker, Louis Vuitton, for infringing their well known, lucrative, protected pattern in music videos, for artists such as the now incarcerated Da Brat, the insane Britney Spears and American Idolís Ruben Studdard, who has since been dropped due to poor record sales.

Sony artist Beyonce

To violate such a valuable brand, in essence devaluing it, for cruddy music videos, is arrogant and dishonorable. Sony would not like it if someone stole their brand, copyrights and trademarks and made a sheer mockery of it for undue enrichment.

This mass thievery should desist, as it sends the nation and the world a terrible message about how you do business. It is not something desirable to have attached to a company or an artist's name.

Sony artist Da Brat

I donít understand how Sony in Japan allows this conduct to continue time and time again. They would be grossly offended, as would anyone or entity, if made to bear such fraud, thievery and indignities regarding their valued works.

Sony to Pay Louis Vuitton for Past Britney, Da Brat Videos

In a legal dispute just slightly more glamorous than LVMH's recent ones with eBay, Sony BMG has agreed to pay Louis Vuitton 100,000 euros, or $155,830.

Louis Vuitton got upset with the music giant because they used its Toile Monogram and Multicolore trademarks in music videos and on CDs by Britney Spears, Ruben Studdard, and Da Brat.

For example, in her "Do Somethin'" video, Britney appears driving through the clouds with her sexy girl entourage* in a pink hummer with a pink dashboard embossed with Louis Vuitton's signature pattern (which flashes on the screen for literally less than a second).

"We don't make dashboards," a Vuitton spokeswoman told the Daily News. Though you can still watch the "Do Somethin' " video on YouTube (thank God), Sony BMG has agreed to cease distribution of American Idol winner Studdard's album The Return and pay Louis Vuitton an extra, undisclosed amount of cash in relation to that case.




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