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The Government Does Not Want Me To Make My Movie

December 18. 2012


Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

I've been back in Miami for a bit to shoot scenes for my forthcoming film "Justice And Truth" on the phone hacking case that I broke first and the copyright and human rights angle of it, as seen in the Aisha v. FBI case. In short, the government does not want me to make the movie. 

Three weeks into the project, 20 scenes done (about 10% of the film) and a U.S. Marshall interrupted shooting yesterday (a little too late though). It had to do with unobtrusive filming outside two courthouses in Miami and the U.S. attorney's office (the one that represented the FBI in the Aisha v. FBI case).

 I told him flat out, about six weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the FBI/DOJ and sent a copy of said item along with a subpoena to the Miami U.S. attorney that represented them (in the Aisha v. FBI Freedom of information Act case) in forming them that I am about to start making the movie. I sent the aforementioned letter along with a subpoena, giving them the option of releasing the Freedom of Information files they've been hiding for several years in trying to cover up misconduct by criminals in Hollywood and Rupert Murdoch. 

Therefore, I assumed unobtrusively filming places related to the case in a manner others have done for other films, would not be a problem, as neither the FBI or U.S. Attorney sent a response stating I could not (legally they couldn't anyway, as America is a free country). The U.S. Marshals are affiliated with the FBI.

When the stone-faced U.S. Marshall, who looked like an extra from the movie "Die Hard" approached my first thought was, "Uh oh Rodney King." He asked that the camera be turned off and started asking me questions about the filming, saying they are "upset" about it, whilst pointing to his badge/tag. I uncharacteristically started speaking slower than Mountain Main from "Duck Dynasty." It wasn't fear, but more trying to process the fact, scores of news teams and filmmakers have filmed the same old building many times and nothing came of it.

When talking slower than Mountain Main didn't work, as he kept asking about the film, I tried reverse psychology and told him "the building isn't pretty anyway, because it needs power washing." Surprisingly, he agreed with me, saying he was just telling someone today the building needs to be power washed, so I ran with it and said because of the economy "but you can't afford it, right" and he agreed. 

Then he said he would "not review" what had been filmed, but it was clear someone was trying to send me a message via the interruption (the FBI and the U.S. attorney). But as I see it, the FBI, DOJ and Miami U.S. Attorney should stand behind and own up to the despicable things they did in the case that are now in the film script. Why try to hide it now - after being so cocky, arrogant and corrupt in court before a judge you own that worked for the FBI/DOJ - that millions around the world will see it on film. Like the Bible says, what you do in the dark will come to light.

You have a U.S. Attorney making racist statements in court papers claiming the Civil Rights Act did not give black people equal rights in America, as criminal justification for obstruction of justice and dereliction of duty (the FBI's congressional mandate) in an offensive bid at getting out of a case and the fact you violated the aforementioned historic legislation. 

Own up to it on film as well. Better yet, the U.S. Attorney should send me her photo to put in the movie so the world can connect her racist words with her vile face. If you are going to be cocky, racist and nasty in court papers, while violating the Freedom of Information Act and Civil Rights Act as well as your oath of office, own it on film too for the whole world to see. Curiously, I've found everyone else's picture in the case but hers, to put in the film.

In closing, in a document bearing a time stamp of November 7, 2012, the day after the presidential election, in response to the subpoena and letter I sent the FBI weeks prior, they responded by sending me a letter and a privacy release form to and return to them, in order to receive the Freedom of Information Act files. But don't hold your breath they will finally come clean and tell the truth about Madonna, Murdoch or anything else in the case. I expect redacted documents and stonewalling, which as seen in Congress, is the FBI's way.

Either way, it doesn't matter, as I am giving them one last chance to do the right thing, BUT I have enough digital and physical evidence from private sources to clearly illustrate in the film what happened, who did what and when...including the subsequent cover-up by the FBI/DOJ and those affiliated with them in government.


Leveson Judicial Report Into Phone Hacking Slams Rupert Murdoch And News Corp's Criminal Conduct



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