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AT&T's U-Verse Hacked

 November 26. 2010

Marking a new low for hacking, the AT&T U-Verse DVR systems, which is apart of their cable television service, can be hacked. U-Verse functions through a router running on a high speed telephone cable line, which supplies customers homes with cable, internet and or phone services. 

However, due to the router and DVR essentially being a hard drive, hackers can target and disrupt internet, television and phone services, in the target's home, which is contemptible. I recently experienced this, thanks to the relentless stalking, harassment and hacking campaign being waged against me by Madonna's sick Kabbalah cult.

AT&T U-Verse Router

Not only were my computers hacked again, which is apart of the AT&T U-Verse package I use, the DVR was hacked, items erased, others re-categorized and the cable service interrupted. Other people we know that have U-Verse do not have these problems. Once again, that loser cult has stooped to a new low. 

In another related act of harassment Kabbalah engaged in against me, FPL (Florida Power & Light) has settled with me, regarding a terrible incident of what is formally known as "electronic harassment" where victims of gang stalking have been terrorized in their homes. 

Shortly before the incident transpired, I received a harassing email from one of Madonna's hackers at Digilink, spewing private details of my life one could only know if one illegally spies on me all day every day. In the email he arrogantly, sadistically, braggingly and rhetorically asked me what it is like to be electronically harassed. 


Shortly after the sick email, horrific power surges were mysteriously directed at my home (none of my neighbors experienced this), which destroyed and toasted thousands of dollars worth of electronics. The power surges damaged and destroyed a high end air conditioning system, refrigerator, my computer, laptop, professional microphone, television sets, a plugged in mobile phone, several mobile phone chargers and other items. 

The dangerous surges were so bad, one of the televisions began sparking and gashing. If no one was home or awake to quickly plug it out, it could have turned deadly, burning the house down. I called the manufacturers of the items that were destroyed by the power surges and they concurred that's what did it, as new and fairly new electronics and appliances by a variety of companies, do not conspire to all simultaneously self-destruct and in such an astonishing and visible manner. 

Dr. John Hall in Texas, wrote a book about the subject of gang stalking and electronic harassment, after he and his girlfriend experienced it. He was featured on Fox 5 in San Antonio, Texas (kens5.com), regarding the book and his terrible experiences in this regard, when he was targeted, in acts that were unprovoked. 

These are but a small sampling of the human rights abuses my family and I are being subjected to, in addition to copyright theft by Madonna and co., at the hands of a sick, depraved celebrity cult, Kabbalah, who we did nothing to at anytime. However, they persist in this criminal madness and constantly come up to me in public, wearing the cult's red string bracelets, then begin spewing menacing, harassing and invasive speech at me, my family and friends. That's when Madonna's not sending her entertainment industry friends in Kabbalah to stalk, approach and harass me.

Kabbalah and Madonna's private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, sitting in front of the surveillance equipment he used to criminally spy on and terrorize people. He routinely hired thugs and criminals to hack people's computers, break into their homes, offices and cars, plant surveillance equipment and engage in acts of vandalism and sabotage, at the behest of cowardly Hollywood celebrities, paying him to target, terrorize and assault innocent people they become obsessed with. He is now in prison, but his methods live on. Other private investigators, such as Gavin DeBecker, among others, continue to engage in very questionable conduct of the same nature on behalf of crazy Hollywood stars.

Once again, the FBI knows of the criminal misconduct, but due to FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, having taken a bribe from Madonna, who has a habit of issuing corrupt payments to break the law, nothing has been done to stop the crimes being committed against us. How Madonna and that wicked cult could be proud and braggadocios about having done something so evil, disgraceful and un-American, is beyond me. The FBI isn't much better for having gone along with it.

Madonna and Kabbalah are also quite selfish to keep disgracing established American companies, via criminal acts of tampering and sabotage, all in that madwoman's bid to get at me, when I did nothing to her and could care less about her stupid, fraudulent career and debauched private life.


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