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Google Sued For Using Tracking On Android Phones

April 29. 2011


As stated on the Judiciary Report in the April 26, 2011 article iPhone Tracking Scandal Gives Insight To Rupert Murdoch Phone Hacking And Wiretapping, Apple is not the only manufacturer to engaging in phone tracking methods. The next day, a class action lawsuit was filed in Michigan by attorney Steven Budaj, regarding Google's Android phones doing the exact same thing, via storing real time GPS locations and other identifying data

The Judiciary Report has maintained for years, mobile phones can be remotely hacked by others and used to trace users in real time. I've experienced it firsthand, as a victim of stalking, when the insane Hollywood cult Kabbalah, run by crazy pop tart, Madonna, who are both under criminal investigation, regularly confront me with harassing speech and threats at disparate places. Previously, they used Anthony Pellicano and his hackers to illegally wiretap and break into my phones. Now Madonna has other private investigators working for her, such as Gavin DeBecker. 

Madonna has a sick habit of paying people to stalk others. She has done this to Dennis Rodman, Carmen Elektra, Guy Ritchie, Jose Canseco and several private citizens, some of whom have sued her for this sick conduct, pioneered by her private eye, Anthony Pellicano. 

If you are a victim of stalking, whether you are a private citizen or public figure, your mobile phone and the internet, can become veritable enemies, due to malicious and unbalanced people exploiting and abusing technology to invasively spy on you. Mobile phone makers and internet service providers need to increase their efforts in safeguarding the public's privacy. 


Madonna.com Hackers Hacked Into Google Adsense Wiping Out Thousands Of Dollars In Ad Revenues

Boycott Madonna



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