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iPhone Tracking Scandal Gives Insight To Rupert Murdoch Phone Hacking And Wiretapping

April 26. 2011

Rupert Murdoch and wife Wendi

On April 11, 2011, the Judiciary Report wrote about GPS tacking/ stalking in the Rupert Murdoch hacking and wiretapping scandal (Phone Hacking And Wiretapping Scandal Runs Way Deeper Than They Are Admitting). 

The site stated, "There is also a GPS capability attached to illegal phone hacking and wiretapping, which reveals the target's location at all times. Another feature law enforcement, such as the FBI and hackers, have questionably utilized, is the surreptitious act of secretly turning on the camera of the target's mobile phone and visually spying on them through it. "

Two weeks later, on April 22, 2011, a big story broke in the mainstream press, regarding the iPhone by Apple, indefinitely storing the GPS locations and movements of users, which could be viewed by others via hacking or by law enforcement, when the unit is plugged into a computer or remotely accessed. The U.S. Congress has subpoenaed the company in the past few days. However, Apple is not the only manufacturer with this feature. 


Sienna Miller is one of Murdoch's many victims. He has apologized, but many are not swayed.

Once again, the Judiciary Report has been proven right in its claims. I have no reason to lie about these people, such as Madonna, Rupert Murdoch and Anthony Pellicano (Rupert Murdoch Finally Admits His Company's Phone Hacking And Wiretapping Crimes). I make a modest amount of money from my sites, I do not take bribes or solicit them and I am not desperate for publicity. 

Each time I discover misconduct on their part, I am presented with the undesirable and upsetting task of writing about it, as a means of warning the public to be careful and not become a victim of what I have been subjected to against my will and to document my own struggles with the severe privacy intrusions, harassment and intellectual property theft I have experienced. 

Had I not gone public with their misconduct, their conduct towards me, which is already terrible, would be exponentially worse than it is now, as they'd simply think no one knew what they have been doing or would suspect them if worse were done to me. 


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