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Justin Bieber Taunted By Thief Who's Been Releasing Embarrassing Videos From The Singer's Stolen Laptop With More To Come

October 12. 2012

Justin Biebebr

A Twitter user that goes by the name https://twitter.com/gexwy has been terrorizing 18-year-old pop star Justin Bieber, regarding his stolen laptop. The anonymous person has been releasing videos from Bieber's laptop and threatening to ruin him. He promises the worse will come at noon today.

One of the video clips that has already been released shows Bieber getting flirty with girls in a pool and none of them are his girlfriend Selena Gomez. The Judiciary Report was the first to state over a year ago that Bieber cheats on Gomez (Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Having Relationship Problems - Part 3). He's a Bieber cheater.


Bieber being threatened

Ironically, a few hours before the video clip from Bieber's stolen laptop was released, I stated on Twitter, "Justin Bieber says his laptop with 'footage' on it was stolen and he is upset. Hope for his sake that 'footage' isn't a sex tape. Does Justin Bieber's stolen laptop contain embarrassing photos, unreleased music or anything else he would not want in the public domain. Has Justin Bieber reported his stolen laptop to the police. If his financial data is on there that could be a problem. Justin Bieber stolen laptop. People should be careful of storing passwords as any laptop thief, hacker can access your emails, accounts."

I really hope this isn't a ploy by someone in his camp to try to toughen up his image, as he is still considered a teeny bopper. It's sometimes those in one's circle in the industry that do such things. Either way, a sex tape is not going to accomplish that, as Bieber still looks like a kid. Therefore, getting indecent is not the answer.


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