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Wikileaks A Wake Up Call For Washington

Lawyer: Wikileaks Founder Human Rights Violated

December 9. 2010 

Julian Assange

The lawyer of framed Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, stated during an interview yesterday, his human rights have been violated in a "rape" case in Sweden. Assange has been framed for "rape" on the basis of having consensual sex "without a condom." His lawyer stated he has not received a written version of the charges against him, in his native English, which is a violation of international human rights charters.

The Obama Administration is using the CIA concocted sham of a case, to detain Assange, while they work on flimsy charges against him, with the intent of gaining an extradition. The main charge being bantered about is "treason" which seems odd, considering he is not American. Assange is Australian. Therefore, that charge makes no sense. However, typical of the corrupt and sorry to state, crazy Justice Department, they are of the belief it will stick.

Hillary Clinton

The facts of the case are not in the Obama Administration's favor. Assange did not solicit the data he published. It was sent to his whistleblower website, Wikileaks, due to the widespread criminal misconduct people like, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, have been engaging in at the State Department, under the guise of government business.  

Therefore, he cannot rationally be charged as treasonous or a spy, because the information that was passed to him, was done without solicitation and furnished on the basis it would be used as a whistle blowing tool.

Barack Obama

Additionally, it was passed to Assange by someone that lawfully had access to it. Since the U.S. Congress encourages whistle blowing to promote a transparent government, what's the problem? I'll tell you what the problem is, it gave the American people and the world a very candid view of the crimes being committed in Washington, which flies in the face of the Constitution and every conceivable law in existence.

It also showed the American people they cannot trust what the government is telling them. Things are being done in the nation's name that the American people do not approve of based on feedback and never asked for in a million years.

The government needs to learn from the experience and change its ways. Wikileaks was a wake up call for Washington, regarding unfettered corruption and the illusion one can break whatever law one chooses, under the guise of "sovereign immunity." There is no such thing, as there will always be consequences to corruption and criminal conduct, no matter who you bribe to suppress the truth.


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