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A Second Director Confirms The Weinstein Brothers Blacklisted Actresses Who Wouldn't Let Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assault And Rape Them

December 21. 2017

Harvey Weinstein

A second director has come forward confirming allegations Harvey Weinstein and his brother, Bob Weinstein, blacklisted actresses who would not submit to the movie mogul's sexual harassment and sexual assault. Last week "Lord Of The Rings" director Sir Peter Jackson stated Weinstein blacklisted actresses Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino for not allowing him to rape them. This week movie director, Terry Zwigoff, is confirming Jackson's claims.

Zwigoff stated he wanted to cast Sorvino in a movie, but each time he mentioned it “over the phone to the Weinsteins” they would immediately hang up on him. Zwigoff has now apologized for blacklisting Sorvino on the Weinsteins orders by stating last week, "I’m really sorry Mira."

The Weinstein and those in their cult Kabbalah are sick, deceitful people. They go around poisoning people's minds with lies, in trying to turn them against others, who have done them no harm, all because some of their victims would not allow them to criminally exploit them via sex acts they did not want to engage in. How pathetic, crazy, cowardly and trashy can people be to go around secretly gossiping about others, in attempts at damaging their careers, livelihoods and finances (it is coming full circle, as now the Weinsteins and others in their circle are being blacklisted - you reap what you sow).

This is a part of the reason so many Hollywood films have been flopping and not what they should be on an artistic level. It is due to the fact the industry is being run by sick criminals, who give preferential treatment to those who let them criminally exploit them in a sexual manner. Many of the people who submit to the casting couch, are unqualified and untalented, but gain songs, movie roles and behind the scenes jobs anyway, which results in substandard work, dragging down industry averages. 

Another example of this sick practice would be 52-year-old Hollywood pedophile, Bryan Singer, who was slammed for hiring inexperienced, unqualified boys, ages 15-17-years-old, to do behind the scenes industry jobs, previously occupied by industry veterans of many years. Singer, who is 3-years away from senior citizen designation in America, has questionably and bizarrely surrounded himself with gay teenage boys in jobs typically occupied by adults. There are claims online that some of the underage boys are gay runaways.

Once again, inexperienced people with no artistic talent are being given jobs to make and star in films and television shows. The same goes for the music industry. They have no qualifications or artistic talent. However, they performed sex acts on senior, crazy cult members and got the job. Then, the finished product in the form of movies, televisions shows and songs is hot garbage, which ends up bombing at the box office and on the music charts.

Movie ticket sales, television viewing numbers and music units sold are significantly down from this foolish practice (and piracy). The industry is also sinking because so many of these projects are copyright infringing, stolen by idiots, who add their insanity and foolishness to it, which results in the finished products not making a lick of sense or retaining any artistic value.

These people are going to destroy the entertainment industry in America with this madness. Hollywood, the music industry included, used to churn out great products. The industry is now being run by a group of untalented idiots, who are criminals, billing themselves Kabbalah/"The Illuminati" and a horrible fall is right around the corner. They have committed very sick and disturbing crimes. The Weinstein scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.  


Second Director Says Weinsteins Blacklisted Actress Mira Sorvino From Film

Terry Zwigoff’s claim comes on the heels of a similar allegation made this week by “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson. A second director has stepped forward this week with claims that Harvey and Bob Weinstein blacklisted actress Mira Sorvino and prevented her from being cast in films.

Terry Zwigoff, director of “Bad Santa,” wrote on Twitter on Saturday that he’d been interested in casting Sorvino in the 2003 comedy. Zwigoff alleged, however, that every time he mentioned her name “over the phone to the Weinsteins,” the sibling producers would immediately hang up. “I’m really sorry Mira,” the director wrote.

Zwigoff’s tweet comes on the heels of recent comments made by “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson describing how the Weinstein brothers orchestrated a “smear campaign” against Sorvino and actress Ashley Judd ― both of whom are among multiple women who have have come forward of late to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment...



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