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Chris Brown Hit With Trouble As Protests Plague His Tour In Europe And The Caribbean

November 24. 2012


Chris Brown

Trouble prone, drug abusing singer, Chris Brown, has embarked on his latest concert tour and things have not been going well for him. He has been met with public protests in Europe and Guyana. So much so, Brown's forthcoming concert in Guyana has been cancelled, due to public displeasure at his woman beating ways. 

Brown for his part has not taken the correct course of action to show the world he is a changed man deserving of another chance. Brown attempted to defend his behavior in beating drug addicted girlfriend Rihanna, because she hit him first. However, as wrong as she was, he was the greater offender in beating a woman and to such degrees. He should have walked away. That aside they both have mental problems their minders are covering up.


Chris Brown wearing an Illuminati hat favored by the Kabbalah cult

Subsequent interviews since the 2009 scandal, showed Brown to be an angry, volatile person prone to acts of violence and disturbing the peace. Brown threw a chair through a glass window of the second floor studio of the ABC network in New York, as he grew angry at being asked questions about the 2009 incident with Rihanna.

Brown is not a very cordial person and lacks proper social skills. He has been confrontational and verbally abusive with the members of entertainment buying public, issuing expletive laden rants and slurs, when people are offended by him snubbing them. Said folks went on to write about it online or tell outlets like TMZ of his discourteousness.


Chris Brown dressed as Osama Bin Laden offending many

On the flip side, I saw it with my own two eyes as Brown stalked me twice in my former neighborhood, which is not a celebrity type place. On both occasions I looked up to see him staring at me (once outside the bank and on another occasion at the gas station). Once again, more inappropriate behavior from Brown.

These acts are not showing the public he is a changed man or a rational one, as this is not acceptable social behavior. Any publicist worth their salt knows this and whoever Brown is working with either can't control him or is telling him these incendiary acts are permissible, when they are not.


Chris Brown

If this were an anonymous situation brought to a firm specializing in damage control and they were truly honest about the matter, they would state the individual at the heart of the problem is repeatedly engaging in destructive, counter productive behavior that will not change public opinion, only worsen it. And that's the truth.


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