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Confirmed: Kabbalah Is Under Criminal Investigation 

May 21. 2011


It has been confirmed this week, the heavily scrutinized Kabbalah Center, is under criminal investigation in New York and Los Angeles, by the American federal agencies, the IRS and the FBI, with the former leading the charge. For weeks, the cult's main spokeswoman who is directing its criminal activities, the thieving pop singer, Madonna, adamantly denied she and the Kabbalah Center are under investigation of any kind, when reports of the probe first surfaced in Roger Friedman's Showbiz 411 column. 

She called him a liar, then instantly, Friedman's site was mysteriously and fraudulently reported to Google and internet security software manufacturers, as unlawfully disseminating dangerous malware. For weeks, anyone that tried to access Friedman's site, received a stern, red "malware" screen on their computers, directing them to discontinue any attempts at visiting his page. 

This is a common tactic Kabbalah employs against its online critics. They flood companies such as Google and Wordpress with threatening complaints, which are actually illegal spam, in bids at censoring and forcing critics off line, in violation of the U.S. Constitution. 

Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg called everyone a liar for reporting news of the probe, due to grand jury subpoenas that were issued, which Friedman got wind of before most journalists and printed it. Then again, Madonna nor her publicist are to be believed in any of the vile words they utter, as they have frequently been caught in bald-faced lies (ie Rosenberg swearing to the press and public Madonna did not adopt a child from Africa, when the singer illegal did and brought him into Britain in violation of the law).

As the Judiciary Report stated in the past, the Kabbalah Center is a hotbed of crime. They engage in everything, from ponzi schemes to real estate scams. The Kabbalah Centers also have branches that house hackers and teams of "chevras" used for stalking and harassing people they seek to defraud out of their hard earned money.  

The Bergs, who are the family behind the Kabbalah Centers, have partnered with Madonna, to plain and simply rip people off. They used the impoverished nation of Malawi to allegedly raise funds for the poor, then kept the lion's share of the charity donations for themselves, to underwrite their lavish lifestyles. They are now blaming Malawi, the victim of their fraud, when financial records indicate, the majority of the money raised in the nation's name, went straight into the pockets of the Berg family and Madonna.

Despite claims Madonna donated to Kabbalah, she has taken out millions more than the $600,000 she put in. As revealed by Newsweek, Madonna currently maintains secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands to hide the proceeds of her ill-gotten gains from the U.S. government.

The Kabbalah Center meets the textbook definition of a cult. The Bergs, in typical cult fashion, claim to be paupers, who have taken an oath of poverty, yet they all live in multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansions, with housekeepers and gardeners, drive expensive sports cars and wear expensive Armani suits. One cannot claim a religious exemption on one's IRS returns, illegally gaining tax free status, then live like  millionaires with money to burn. That is called fraud and they all belong in prison for perpetrating this farce on the public.

Kabbalah are also the sickest, craziest, most unreasoning people on the planet, who dogmatically adhere to insane, otherworldly theories and perverse practices that denote full blown schizophrenia. They have cost innocent people their lives, when several cult members flipped under the intense brainwashing and committed cold-blooded acts of brutal assault or murder. 

It should be a crime for people to play with the public's minds in that manner. They are spreading mental illness among members of the public, which is a health risk the government should have put a stop to a long time ago. Numerous Kabbalah members have been admitted to psychiatric wards and institutionalized, after the sick, insidious madness the cult brainwashed them with, destroyed their lives and victims of their madness they pursued.

The Kabbalah Center and Madonna are fond of issuing bribes. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if anything comes of the aforementioned criminal probes, as corruption runs high in that depraved cult of thieves. At the end of the day, any failures on the part of the government where this cult is concerned, will be remembered against them in the nation and the world, due to the sheer damage they have wrong.  


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