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Newsweek Outs Madonna As The Criminal Behind Kabbalah

...Who Is Trying To Pin The Blame On Other People

April 6. 2011

Mad-onna (you can just see the evil emanating from that woman's face - look at that scowl)

Newsweek has done an expose on thieving Madonna and her criminal activity in the Kabbalah cult, revealing she and the Berg family have fleeced many people out of tens of millions of dollars. The magazine exposes Madonna's shady, greedy, illegal behavior and her disgusting attempts to publicly pin the blame on others, over the criminal fraud she commissioned and executed in the dangerous cult she fronts for cash.

And make no mistake, Madonna has illegally made many millions in cash off the scam that is Kabbalah, which illegally enjoys a "not for profit" status, meaning they pay no taxes anywhere in the world. She could care less about Malawi, the impoverished African nation she has been using to raise money, then pocketing the cash for herself and cronies in her crazy circle.  

The Berg family stated they took an oath of poverty, yet all live for free in multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansions and their bills are paid for by Kabbalah - these expenses include, "Food, furniture, clothing, gas, nannies, tutors, gardeners, housekeepers, personal assistants, and more exotic indulgences such as luxury cars, first-class flights, and spas." Who are they really kidding. That is not an oath of poverty.

The magazine reveals the fact Madonna's corrupt Kabbalah charity that she personally runs, has a multi-million dollar bank account in the Cayman Islands, a banking locale people often use, due to its secrecy laws. This is highly unusual behavior for a charity of any kind, as such organizations are required to be transparent, not stash away stolen money abroad.

It's amazing that once again the Clintons' names have surfaced in connection with Madonna's, as seen in the current Newsweek article, as she has hired the same questionable legal, investigative and public relations people they have employed, while engaging in misconduct. Madonna is a friend of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who support Kabbalah and have used their political connections to help the criminal cult.

President Barack Obama, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Former President, Bill Clinton

The Clintons and Madonna also have another dubious distinction in common - they've both heavily used the now incarcerated private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, who went to prison for illegal wiretapping, harassment and identity theft on behalf of rich and famous people. Since his incarceration, both Madonna and the Clintons have moved on to other private investigators to do their dirty work.

Many of the Clintons' and Madonna's surveillance victims, have openly complained of unlawful, strong-arm tactics being used against them, such as commissioned illegal wiretapping, stalking, harassment by hired thugs, death threats and burglaries to their properties, where illegal surveillance equipment was installed in their homes and sensitive files stolen.

Old habits die hard. This perverse insidiousness recently landed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, into trouble, when whistleblower website, Wikileaks, exposed the extraordinary and sickening spying she criminally initiated against members of the United Nations (United Nations: Hillary Clinton Broke The Law) and duly elected world leaders, such as Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner (Hillary Clinton Wanted Illegal Access To Cristina Kirchner's Medical Records). 

Clinton began a plan to illegal collect their DNA, credit card numbers, passwords, bank account data, family information and phone conversations, all via commissioned stalking, hacking, wiretapping and invasion of privacy. These are things she'd commissioned private investigators to do to others when her husband was in office and when she was a Senator, then ran for President. Once again, old habits die hard. 

In lieu of being fired, Clinton has promised to never seek public office again. If you ask me, she should be in prison. That set seems to have a corruption problem when it comes to privacy and money, as several of Hillary Clinton's campaign people and donors were indicted for financial fraud.

Then they hire spin doctors to try and convince the public their victims are crazy liars. However, if you keep getting busted red handed, engaging in the same perverse privacy and financial crimes over and over again, guess who's the nut - that's right - it's you. Because normal, civilized, decent human beings do not behave in such a dreadful, disgusting, depraved and despicable manner.


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