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Harvey Weinstein Is Planning A Comeback But Neither Hollywood Or The Government Wants It

December 14. 2017

Harvey Weinstein

Disgraced Hollywood film producer, Harvey Weinstein, is busy planning a comeback. The word in the industry is Weinstein is of the misguided belief his massive rape and sexual assault scandal will not be an obstacle in him making a return to Hollywood. Weinstein did what his PR team suggested in enrolling in rehab as a means of stemming the bad publicity, but it has not worked. The bad publicity keeps rolling in. Furthermore, rehab is to seek help in overcoming addiction. Psychiatrists and psychologists do not recognize "sex addiction" as a form of mental illness or medical condition.

Weinstein is bipolar and schizophrenic and is not under medical treatment for the disorders. Schizophrenia is incurable. Doctors prescribe multiple anti-psychotic meds in an attempt at keeping schizophrenia under control, to prevent the schizophrenic from harming others. Schizophrenics are also known to be hypersexual and have committed violent acts of sexual assault and rape (as Weinstein has done).

Weinstein is known in the industry for his highly erratic behavior, which bears all the signs of bipolar disorder. One minute Weinstein would be speaking sweetly to a person, the next he is screaming at the top of his lungs at them like a raging lunatic and maniac. People walked on egg shells around him, as they never knew which of his disturbing moods would strike them without notice. He is a very abusive bully. If allowed back into the industry he will resume his terrible criminal behavior.

As for Weinstein's planned comeback, the government doesn't want it, as they outed him and other through leaks and other maneuvers, knocking him and others down one by one. The industry is frantically trying to purge itself of cult members like Weinstein for fear of what's coming. Entertainers and executives are openly stating they are "not Illuminati" for fear of being ruined like Weinstein and others (with worse to come).

Furthermore, Weinstein has not paid his debt to society for raping and sexually assaulting all those women. Weinstein has also committed financial fraud, charity fraud, criminal copyright infringement and commissioned invasion of privacy in acts of illegal wiretapping, hacking, stalking, burglary and harassment (Rapist Harvey Weinstein Has 91 People Under Surveillance By Private Investigators In Trying To Bully And Silence His Victims). Weinstein was also involved in the Anthony Pellicano racketeering case.

Weinstein still has several private investigators on his payroll (much like his fellow deranged Kabbalah/Illuminati cultist Madonna). These famous cultists are criminally violating the privacy of innocent people who simply sought to work in the entertainment industry doing what they love.

Those cult crazies insanely and psychotically go around targeting, exploiting, abusing, harassing and spying on innocent people, who have done them no harm. Those insane cultists have invented sick scenarios in their heads, deceiving themselves that innocent people they target want and are in love with them, but need to be criminally harassed, manipulated, threatened and exploited to come to that incorrect conclusion.

Young women in the industry repeatedly referred to Weinstein as "creepy" "pervert" and "old co*k." None of them wanted him, as he is not an attractive older man. Young women do sometimes date respectful, attractive older men and are genuinely attracted to them. However, that's not Weinstein, who is mean, abusive, disrespectful and not cute. He never took care of himself and looks unattractive as a result of that neglect. Furthermore, Weinstein has not been engaging in consensual sex. He has repeatedly grabbed, pinned down and sexually assaulted women who did not want him.

Madonna and Harvey Weinstein

Other members of the cult, such as 52-year-old director Bryan Singer, has repeatedly been referred to as "pedophile" and "pedo" due to his obsession with underage boys. For years people have stated in the industry that Singer has sexually assaulted and raped teenage boys in his pool. Singer has been hit with three lawsuits by unrelated people, all alleging he sexually assaulted and raped them when they were underage boys.

60-year-old Madonna has sexually assaulted a minor on stage. In another incident, Madonna choked and punched an 11-year-old boy (Keith Sorrentino) as reported in the New York Post. Madonna vindictively commissioned the sexual assault of a younger woman who spurned her sexual advances, in what constitutes several felonies.

Madonna has pursued young women in the industry who do not want her. She became evil and vindictive when she was rejected. Madonna has also pursued young men in the entertainment and sports industries who do not want her. One athlete in his 20s referred to Madonna as "old pus*y" and angrily complained "she keeps shaking her old pus*y at me."

When Madonna was rejected by each, she gave their names to private investigators she has on her payroll and ordered them to dig up dirt on the individuals via illegal wiretapping, hacking, burglaries and stalking. Then Madonna leaked the contents to journalists she has on her payroll at the New York Daily News, The Daily Mail UK and The Sun UK, among other publications, in trying to vindictively ruin them for daring to reject her Gollum looking self.

These journalists are going to end up in massive trouble, as Madonna has been emailing them items she criminally obtained. It is completely unlawful to publish information gained via illegal wiretapping, hacking, burglaries and stalking. Journalists on Madonna's payroll have been criminally publishing items from people's private emails, computers, phone calls, texts, DMs on social networking, medical records and credit reports, among other things. She is a madwoman. 

I broke the News Corp (Rupert Murdoch) phone hacking scandal in 2005 via formal police complaints to the FBI in Washington and Metropolitan Police in London. During the course of their investigations, the published case findings disclosed in criminal court proceedings in two nations revealed commissioned, illegal wiretapping, hacking, burglaries to steal sensitive information from homes and offices, and criminal stalking.

During Robert S. Mueller's time as FBI Director, complaints were made to the agency about Singer and others such as Weinstein and Madonna. However, due to Mueller taking bribes from Hollywood, the FBI repeatedly looked the other way to serious crimes committed by entertainment industry figures, which allowed the sick human rights abuses to continue for years, harming innocent people.


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