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Jeremy Corbyn Ties To Murderous Terrorists Compromising Him Regarding Defending Britain From Terrorism

Jeremy Corbyn Labeled A Terrorist Apologist For Referring To Terror Groups Hezbollah And Hamas As 'Our Friends'

June 8. 2017

People on social networking have been posting regarding the terrorist ties of British Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who will square off against Prime Minister Theresa May today in the general election (some of these items are included in this article). Many are voicing their concern that Corbyn is not fit to be Prime Minister.

It's alarming enough that Corbyn has listed no feasible way of paying for the massive spending plans he has proposed and promised the British people, in an attempt to get elected, which if implemented would send the United Kingdom into bankruptcy and a financial status comparable to a struggling third world nation. Even more alarming for many is Corbyn's ties to radicals, extremists and outright terrorists.

Corbyn is also accused of repeatedly being an apologist for terrorists. Mainstream newspaper quotes and letters Corbyn has written in support of terrorists are troubling. Corbyn has also petitioned for terrorists to be freed (Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami). Corbyn even labeled terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah "our friends." Someone with this stance will not be tough on terrorism.


Jeremy Corbyn campaigned for release of Embassy bombers

4:39PM BST 01 Sep 2015 - Jeremy Corbyn, the front-runner for the Labour leadership, spent more than a decade campaigning for Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami after they were convicted for their role in a car bombing. Jeremy Corbyn led a campaign for the release of two convicted terrorists who were jailed for their part in the car bombing of the Israeli embassy in London and a Jewish charity building.

Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami were convicted of conspiracy to cause explosions in the UK in 1996, which injured 20 people. They were jailed for 20 years. Both fought a lengthy campaign to clear their names but their appeals were rejected by the Court of Appeal and the European Court of Human Rights. Mr Corbyn, the front-runner in the Labour leadership race, has repeatedly raised their cases as part of a long-running campaign to overturn the convictions...


Jezza's jihadi comrades Jeremy Corbyn gave speech at demo attended by followers of hate preachers Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Muhammad – where some were dressed as suicide bombers

6th June 2017, 10:36 pm Updated: 8th June 2017, 4:54 am - JEREMY Corbyn delivered an incendiary speech at a demo attended by followers of hate preachers Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Muhammad. Witnesses said members of al-Muhajiroun — which inspired jihadis including the London Bridge attackers and other terrorists — were among crowds addressed by the Labour leader in Trafalgar Square. Some were dressed as suicide bombers.

Hard-left Labour leader Mr Corbyn issued a fiery anti-Israel diatribe at the pro-Palestine rally. He said: “When the US and Britain give lectures to Iraq and others about UN resolutions, Israel is in breach of more than all the other states put together.”


Corbyn's 30 years of talking to terrorists: How Labour leader has taken tea with IRA bombers and welcomed agents of the Hamas terror group as 'friends'

Published: 19:46 EDT, 4 June 2017 | Updated: 20:35 EDT, 4 June 2017 - On Friday, we could have a Prime Minister who has taken tea with IRA bombers, laid a wreath at the grave of a Palestinian militant involved in the Munich massacre and welcomed agents of the Hamas terror group as 'friends'. No wonder few people have faith that Jeremy Corbyn and his colleagues John McDonnell and Diane Abbott could make Britain safe from Islamic State terrorists. As a reminder, GUY ADAMS details how the Labour leader has cosied up to bloodstained men of violence...

Throughout the Eighties and Nineties, Corbyn and McDonnell were the IRA's most vigorous allies in Westminster, attending the annual gathering of the Wolfe Tone Society, an organisation which honours dead IRA members and imprisoned volunteers. The event's 1986 programme declared: 'Force of arms is the only method capable of bringing about a free and united socialist Ireland.'...


Jeremy Corbyn is the worst hypocrite in modern UK politics – he poses as a caring man of peace after career dominated by links to murderous extremists

22nd May 2017, 10:40 pm Updated: 23rd May 2017, 4:38 am - LABOUR’S embattled leader Jeremy Corbyn is the worst hypocrite in modern UK politics. He poses as a caring man of peace, an image reinforced by noisy opposition to nuclear weapons and British military action. Gerry Adams and Jeremy Corbyn, who invited the Sinn Fein president to speak at a fringe meeting during Labour’s Conference in Brighton in 1989.

Yet his Commons career has been dominated throughout by links to murderous extremism. So it is no surprise he finds his appalling connections to those who despise this country again hogging the headlines. And rightly so, as Britons gear up for the ballot box in 17 days, the awful truth of what this man really believes is turned up to full volume. Behind his supposedly benign facade, Corbyn is a warped apologist for terrorism...



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