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Madonna's Kabbalah Cult Is A Threat To British National Security (Harvey Weinstein, Rupert Murdoch, Kevin Spacey)

December 26. 2017


Madonna's deranged Kabbalah Center cult, which she calls "The Illuminati" is a threat to British national security. Under the guise of celebrity, they were permitted to enter Britain and have wreaked havoc. Madonna began engaging in criminal mischief in Britain, as she has been doing in America, which resulted in 3 innocent people dying in London and many being fleeced out of tens of millions of British pounds, under her Kabbalah Center charity fraud.

Madonna runs the cult and has been using the $100,000,000 in financial donations she solicited in charity money for personal use, such as buying mansions in several countries, a fleet of cars, funding her fallen music career in vain and excessive plastic surgery, which has left her looking uglier than ever. Madonna is a lunatic deceitfully going around calling people she criminally targets "aliens" with no human rights, much like in Scientology, when she actually looks like one thanks to her plastic surgeons.

Madonna and Kabbalah meddled in the British royal family, via Kate Middleton, who she is claiming relation to based on ex-husband Guy Ritchie being her 12th cousin (LOL) when technically they are all born commoners. Madonna insanely went around Britain saying she was the Queen and wore clothing with the words "Queen" and "The Queen" printed on it.

Madonna also insanely sent out stories to the press stating she had stopped carrying cash and was getting stuck in British stores without money. It is a known fact in Britain that the members of the royal family do not carry cash. In Madonna's crazy mind, she clearly thinks she is royalty, when she is as common as a person can get. Madonna also ripped off preexisting pictures of the late Prince Diana and in doing so committed copyright infringement. Madonna's behavior indicates she is a madwoman.

Madonna's Princess Diana rip off. A tacky tramp should not be ripping off the photos of a beautiful woman and one who died under tragic circumstances. Just seeing the photos side by side shows up how unattractive Madonna is as a woman.

Years ago, I purchased the box set of the excellent British show "To The Manor Born" in an online purchase that went through one of my computers, which Madonna has been paying three hackers to break into 24-hours a day for years to steal copyrights (here's one of her hackers identified via court subpoena). Shortly after, Madonna bought a house in the English countryside and began insanely speaking and dressing exactly like the main character from the show "To The Manor Born." Madonna even began ripping off story lines from the historic, award winning Britcom. Madonna is insane.

There are episodes of "To The Manor Born" which is from the late 1970s and early 1980s, where Madonna in the early 2000s, began having clothes made up to look just like the lead character Audrey fforbes Hamilton, went around trying to mimic her upper class accent (and did a very poor job of it) and claiming things that happened on the show happened to her as well, when they did not, as she was lying. It was positively creepy. Judging by the way she insanely tries to morph into other people calling it "reinventions" Madonna has some form of multiple personality disorder, which is a severe form of mental illness.

In my preexisting copyrights were items to do biopics on the royal family as a whole and individuals such as the Queen, Princess Diana, Prince Charles and his sons, ect. The items were not negative or unflattering. Under international law, one is permitted to do biographies, provided no copyrighted or trademarked materials are used.

Madonna then rushed to do a biopic on British royal King Edward and his adulterous relationship with Wallis Simpson, whom he went on to marry. Madonna began stealing items from my other copyrighted workers and using it for the King Edward film "W.E." executive produced by Harvey Weinstein, which had nothing to do with the royal. Critics were puzzled and began writing about items Madonna inserted into the film that are not historical. That's because Madonna stole them from unrelated fictional copyrights I made up about invented characters and situations that have absolutely nothing to do with the royal family.

Harvey Weinstein, whom I have written about since 2012, exposing his depraved sexual behavior and greedy, thieving conduct, prior to him getting into trouble this past October, not only infringed my preexisting, original copyrights I registered in the Library of Congress, which Madonna illegally procured copies of via illegal, commissioned hacking, he also ripped of the biopic ideas (such as "The King's Speech" and "Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom"). Weinstein stole other items from my preexisting copyrighted catalog that he got from Madonna, such as Mob Wives, Spy Kids 3, Superhero Movie, Marco Polo, Southpaw, Regression and Burnt.

Weinstein raped and sexually assaulted British women in London during trips to Britain. Some complained to police, but thing was done regarding his sick criminal behavior, much like it was covered up in New York and Los Angeles, though the FBI knew about his sick behavior.

Weinstein and Madonna began spending time with the royal family, which was a massive national security breach. Madonna and Weinstein are criminals with a detailed social and legal history of criminal copyright theft, financial fraud and other dishonest business dealings that constitute massive felonies. Madonna also assaulted a child, in beating up an 11-year-old boy, Keith Sorrentino, in New York, as detailed in the New York Post (she settled the lawsuit for $750,000). Madonna has also been abusive to her own offspring, who both fled her home at age 15 (and to the kids she illegally adopted from Malawi).

Credible books and lawsuits also reveal Madonna has an insane history of criminally stalking and harassing famous and non-famous people. Weinstein has a vile legal history of sexually harassing, assaulting and raping women in America and Britain, among other places. Police complaints were filed against Weinstein in New York and London, but police and prosecutors did not bring charges against him, which enabled him to hurt even more women.

Yet, these criminals repeatedly made their way into the royal family's social circle. The Queen even gave Weinstein a CBE. Considering the scandal that has finally erupted regarding Weinstein, via the New York Times and the New Yorker magazine exposing his crimes, which occurred 8-months after the Judiciary Report did a similar exposé on him, it was very poor vetting by the security services that these two criminally insane, violent lunatics were allowed to run loose in Britain and repeatedly end up in the company of the royal family at formal dinners and other social events. It's not like they did not know, as they had received formal complaints from me and others.

Even actor Kevin Spacey, who is in Kabbalah and was outed in November for sexually assaulting two dozen men in America and Britain, including children, was in Buckingham Palace a few years ago and sat on the Queen's throne, which was highly inappropriate. Once again, very poor vetting.

One of the things I found out is the security services in London has acted on faulty intelligence the FBI and CIA sent them for self-serving, nefarious reasons, without properly vetting the intel they were given. It was unwise and will land select employees of the security services and Metropolitan Police in an enormous amount of trouble in Parliament at a future date, for following bad intel that was not vetted nor in the best interest of the British people, who deserve better than that. 

As stated in other articles on this site, Madonna and her cult have taken over Britain's national network, the BBC, disseminating infringing, invasive programming that not only violates British law regarding image rights, voyeurism, computer hacking, phone hacking and illegal wiretapping, they are broadcasting racially offensive items with nasty racial overtures about slavery.

Considering Britain were slaveholders, particularly in the Caribbean, in places such as Jamaica, it is highly inappropriate that in modern times Madonna and that nasty cult are broadcasting such offensive themes and violating Jamaicans rights [Madonna's Criminal Conduct At The BBC In Britain Has Nasty Racist Slavery Connotations To It (Anthony Joshua, Daniel Kaluuya)]. The whole thing is so unnecessary and grossly offensive. It's not a good message to send the commonwealth, comprised of millions of descendants of slaves and other people of color.

Britain has over 1 million Jamaicans and people of Jamaican descent, who are lawful citizens that are working, paying taxes and contributing to British society in a number of ways. There are also millions of other Caribbean people and those of island descent, who lawfully live in Britain and greatly contribute to British society. Yet Madonna's nasty cult were able to take over the the BBC and release programming exploiting and slurring Caribbean people, with nasty slave connotations attached to it.

Even in the time Madonna has stopped residing in Britain year round, she is still commissioning criminal conduct on their shores (Newspaper Reports Madonna Has Hired Private Investigator To Stalk Guy Ritchie, His New Wife And The Couple’s Children Confirming Previous Site Claims). She is also obsessed with Anthony Joshua and in dangerous way. She has been using Jay Z in bids at controlling him, giving him very bad advice and egging him on to do things that are detrimental.

Madonna has also been insanely targeting select Premier League football players to join her sick Kabbalah/"Illuminati" cult and telling them to indoctrinate their teammates with the mentally damaging madness the sect espouses (such as schizophrenia being a good and desirable mental state they should strive for to open up their minds, when it is irreversible and damaging mental illness doctors label incurable).

A successful Premier League footballer in London that Madonna began targeting, sending him the cult mumbo jumbo literature and the Kabbalah red string bracelet to wear (and he did) through Simon Cowell, went from a well adjusted, happy go lucky, optimistic footballer with the world at his feet, to a clinically depressed, paranoid wreck, filled with such anxiety and fear over the sick things the cult has been bombarding him with, he has been unable to focus, is now performing poorly on the pitch, flaked out and made demands on the team that completely disrupted their title chances last season.

Fans have become vocally upset at his new erratic, unreliable behavior and massive dip in form. Madonna and her cult are destroying his mental health and damaging his career in the process. He is not going to be worth as much money on the transfer market, as other football clubs have seen his erratic behavior and dip in form.

Football clubs and managers like reliable athletes they can count on to perform well, be even tempered and focused. Football clubs do not pay top prices in the transfer market for troubled athletes unable to find their stride anymore because of off the pitch (field) interference.

Madonna also targeted another Premier League footballer. This one plays for a team in the north of England. She began targeting him due to the fact he signed a big deal potentially worth many millions if he completes it. Madonna wants money in donations for her cult, much like she extracted millions of dollars from Alex Rodriguez in America and misappropriated the money.

Weeks after Madonna began bombarding the footballer with the cult's madness and he began wearing the Kabbalah red string bracelet, due to the false promises that were made by Madonna of making him richer and more famous, he started playing badly. The stress and harassment of what the cult is subjecting him to became too much.

An athlete can't play well when they are being bombarded with mentally ill emails, phone calls, text messages, items in the mail and personal visits to their home from members of a deranged cult, whose goal is to control them and extract as much of their money as possible (Rodriguez's ex-wife complained in divorce papers Madonna's cult was in their home all the time and kept trying to control him).

As a result of the massive distraction and assault on his mental health, said footballer's form has been poor in 2017 (much like the Premier League footballer in London mentioned above that Madonna and her cult have been bombarding with hundreds of disturbing text messages, emails, and phone calls before, during and after practice and official matches).

The fans have been complaining on social networking about the changes in the aforementioned footballers, as it is negatively impacting their respective football clubs. Ask any sports psychologist, if off the pitch/field stress is weighing heavily on an athlete they will start to play poorly. It's hard to focus and give your best with such distractions

Another item of note is since Madonna has moved to Portugal this year and began targeting La Liga footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (born in Portugal), showing up at his matches, sending out press releases to publications about him in trying to leech off his global popularity for attention and publicity for her washed up career, even claiming they are advising each other (when he is far richer than she is and she doesn't know squat about football) he has experienced a noticeable dip in form. I really did not want to write about it, as I like Cristiano, but that is what has been happening.

Cristiano is still physically fit and talented, but the cult madness Madonna is bombarding him with, as she did to others like Alex Rodriguez in America, whose wife and brother publicly spoke out against the damaging harassment and brainwashing from Madonna and her cult, is stressing out the world famous footballer and destroying his focus. Cristiano has never had a dip in form like this before and it began when Madonna arrived in Portugal, where he is a national hero and began targeting him like a madwoman (Cristiano still plays for the Portuguese national team and has businesses in Portugal). 

Madonna's conduct is damaging football, the world's top sport, which is an industry worth $28 billion per year. Madonna is targeting some of the top footballers in the world to financially defraud and personally exploit them to leech off their fame. The three footballers she has already targeted with her cult crap are worth a collective $700 million dollars. These footballers have been given contracts/financial assurances from football clubs and sponsors, and not for some crazy old madwoman to jeopardize their investment with her greed and insanity.

Rupert Murdoch

Then there was the phone hacking scandal which I broke first. Madonna is also a business partner with fellow cultist, Rupert Murdoch, who owns News International (The Sun Newspaper and the now defunct News Of The World). Murdoch has damaged Britain. Former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, allowed him to run loose in Britain defrauding, threatening, harassing, terrorizing, blackmailing and in some cases bribing people. Prior to that, Murdoch was harassing and spying on former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Murdoch even illegally obtained the medical records of Brown's sick child and tried to blackmail him with it.

Cameron's reasons were self-serving. He was so focused on his press in Murdoch's newspapers, he didn't bother to absorb or appreciate the fact, the greedy cultist with designs on controlling world governments was viciously abusing Britons and visitors to the country, violating their rights in acts of illegal wiretapping, breaking and entering to steal documents and install surveillance equipment, commissioned stalking of public figures and financially raping British companies whose assets he targeted, pillaged and absorbed into News International. Cameron allowed Murdoch to abuse and financially rape Britain.

British models, footballers, film and television stars have also been terrorized, threatened, illegally spied on and blackmailed by Murdoch and his minions. It was a serious dereliction of duty for Cameron and other government employees to look the other way to the crimes and even hire Murdoch's minions such as Andy Coulson and James Harding, when there was clear evidence all along of them breaking the law and to the detriment of the British people.

Another disturbing fact was people came forward, famous and non-famous, stating Murdoch has an illegal hold on the Metropolitan Police. The late British singer George Michael stated Murdoch's editor and mistress, Rebekah Brooks (Wade), confronted him after he was released from jail and made threats that she had moles in the Metropolitan Police feeding her information for cash, which is illegal.

Wade cornered Michael outside his home threatening him that he needed to give her whatever private, scandalous information she wanted to print in Murdoch's papers or she'd invade his privacy via the police to get it. That's called blackmail and it is a crime. However, I guess when you perform fellatio on Cameron and Murdoch, you receive a get out of jail free card. What? You and Murdoch can break scandalous stories on people and I can't break any on you guys. Guess again.

Wade and Murdoch: Michael whom you spied on, stalked, harassed and hounded to get richer from peddling those crappy, unethical tabloid stores, is dead now and you made his short time on earth that much more difficult. Murdoch should have been thrown in prison for behaving like a thug in commissioning invasion of privacy, threats and harassment against people.

Murdoch also should not have been allowed to purchase Sky, as he is using his newspapers and the networks to browbeat, bully and force his will on the British government and people. As stated in today's article "Rupert Murdoch Has Been Running Sky And The BBC In Criminal Violation Of British Law" he also embedded his former executives at the BBC, illegally giving him control of two major networks and news outlets. It created a monopoly, which is illegal under British law. There are anti-trust violations and a slew of other criminal violations regarding his behavior.

Murdoch employing a few hundred Brits at entities he questionably acquired, does not mitigate the fact he is causing extraordinary damage to Britain in trying to control Downing Street, Parliament, the news and and entertainment choices in the nation. Murdoch is not the elected Prime Minister, but is illegally acting like it, commissioning hacks of government computers and those belonging to spies (Rupert Murdoch Hacked British Spy's Computer And Is Forced To Pay Financial Damages). This is pure arrogance.

At a time when Britain has voted to leave the European Union, which necessitates the negotiation of new trade deals, a second referendum is being threatened by Scotland, some in Wales are calling for one as well, there's a push online to abolish the monarchy by vote (backed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn), the United Kingdom does not need a deranged cult running loose and engaging in criminal conduct rooted in unproductive, destructive anarchy and greed.

The goal should be to keep England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales together, maintaining law and order in the United Kingdom and negotiating new trade deals. You are stronger together. Instead there is a very serious problem roaming the country, engaging in lawless conduct, via a sick cult. They should not have been allowed to do these things.

Insane Madonna and the deranged Kabbalah Center are operating under the premise that they must topple the US and British governments, to usher in a New World Order, under their crazy sect they have branded "The Illuminati." They are criminally working towards this disgraceful, anarchist goal and in the process doing an enormous amount of damage in America and Britain.

So to recap, that's the Prime Minister's office, Metropolitan Police, Royal Family and the BBC, Madonna and Murdoch's sick Kabbalah cult has targeted and infiltrated in recent years. They've breached British national security across the board. And once again, they were let in through the front door under the guise of celebrity.

People need to follow the rules of society and laws of their respective nations. Proper, lawful governance and order must be maintained. Some people are duly elected leaders or lawmakers voted into legislatures by the people, while others are appointed or hired in law enforcement posts. These are clearly defined roles in an orderly society that must be observed.

Therefore, I find it particularly alarming when seditious, deranged, depraved, idiotic cultists decide to insanely violate the established order of society because they think they should run things...into the ground.


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