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Obama Accused Of Trying To Kill Gadhafi

April 29. 2011


Barack Obama

On April 25, 2011, the nation of Libya accused NATO, which is the U.S. government, of trying to kill its President, Muammar Gadhafi (Libya leaders accuse NATO of trying to assassinate Gadhafi). One month prior to Libya's claims, on March 23, 2011 (Obama Says He Is Not Giving Up His Nobel Peace Prize), the Judiciary Report stated the exact same thing, as President Obama ordered air strikes on Gadhafi's compound, which houses his home. President Obama stated he was not trying to kill Gadhafi, which is not true.

As stated above, one month ago the Judiciary Report wrote, "He (Obama) illegally invaded Libya, without Congressional or Constitutional approval, attempting to remove and kill their president of 42-years, Muammar Gadhafi. Let's call it what it is, shall we, as you bombed the man's house. Anyone that bombs a person's house is trying to kill them. There is nothing peaceful about that."

Muammar Gadhafi

Gadhafi, whose policies I do not agree with, has been quite deceived regarding Obama, who he calls son. Many credible political scholars and strategists around the world have stated, President Obama's invasion of Libya is about seizing their nation's oil, not about liberating its people. There are other countries with similar internal conflicts, who lack the oil Libya holds and the White House has not intervened in their nations.  

The Judiciary Report strongly disagrees with any government invading another country and attempting to kill their head of state and or seize their national resources. This criminal misconduct is not befitting anyone that dares call themself a head of state, as it is murder and theft, which are dishonorable. 


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