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Another Sony Hack Claims The Personal And Financial Data Of 25 Million People

May 4. 2011

Clouds are forming over Sony

Just when you thought the Sony hacking story couldn't get any worse, it does and embarrassingly so. Last week, hackers pulled off a major computer intrusion into Sony's systems that not only knocked the PlayStation Network off the internet like it was never there in the first place, it claimed the personal and financial data of 77 million users, with estimated damages of $24 billion dollars to the company. 

2,200,000 of those credit card numbers have already been offered for sale on underground hacker websites. This week it was announced, another Sony site was hacked, with the personal and financial data of 25,000,000 people being stolen. These hacks could force Sony into bankruptcy. 

Based on reports, Sony's executives in New York have been subpoenaed into the U.S. Congress, but are arrogantly refusing to testify. Sony CEO, Howard Stringer, needs to get his crazy butt in there and explain himself. 

Howard Stringer

Hackers are attributing the incidents to the arrogance of the company's executives in New York. As someone that has been robbed and abused by Sony, via their corrupt and immoral executives ensconced in that nuthouse they call headquarters, I can emphatically state, they are a weird and sick bunch of people whose minds are on another planet. 

While I had nothing to do with the hacks, as I like staying on the right side of the law, I'm only sorry for Sony customers, not the company. After all, Sony, in tandem with Madonna, who share the same lawyer (the lawbreaking Mannat law firm), engaged in criminal conduct against me that saw hackers on the staff of Madonna.com hack my business computers, illegally copy preexisting, unreleased copyrights music and scripts, among other things, then under the complicity of the dishonorable FBI, illegally released them as their own, collecting a fortune in payment, credit and awards for it. 

Sony, like Jesus says in the Bible, "You reap what you sow." What goes around comes around. Now that it has happened back to you, via hackers breaking into your computers, stealing their contents and costing you a fortune, you know, like you did to me, it isn't so funny and amusing, now is it. 


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Don't Blame Engineers for PSN Breach, Blame Sony Execs, Says PS3 Hacker

04/28/2011 - It was Sony's lawsuit against George Hotz that prompted hacker group Anonymous to wage war on Sony earlier this month. Anonymous might very well not have anything to do with the theft of PSN users' personal information -- it denies any involvement -- but Sony's litigiousness may have been what prompted the infiltration by hackers. If you thought there was any chance Hotz was somehow involved, think again.... 

"The fault lies with the (Sony) executives who declared a war on hackers, laughed at the idea of people penetrating the fortress that once was Sony, whined incessantly about piracy, and kept hiring more lawyers when they really needed to hire good security experts. Alienating the hacker community is not a good idea."

Hotz went on to speculate about how PSN was infiltrated and Sony's shortcomings (according to his theory) as compared with other companies. "Notice it's only PSN that gave away all your personal data, not Xbox Live when the 360 was hacked, not iTunes when the iPhone was jailbroken, and not GMail when Android was rooted," he noted. "Because other companies aren't crazy." 




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